‘D Assistant’ — Virtual Assistant with a human interface

Feb 1, 2018 · 2 min read

So far we have achieved a successful journey of communicating with our devices via keyboards or lately touch input. But as time passes and technology advances the ‘big players’ are investing more into giving machines a human interface. And that is a voice enabled communication. While it is nothing new lately it implementation is accelerating at new speeds. And the machines are becoming ‘smarter’. You can now talk to smartphone, TVs and so much more electronics.

While we as a team reflected as what the future will bring in dentistry we joined the bigger players into our quest of not only enabling our users to ‘type’ or ‘tap’ into our platform. But rather talk to it. Hence achieved a hands free communication with Dentem that will serve a lot of busy dental practitioner and assistants with voice commands.

We would love to introduce you to our latest innovative project that is code named ‘D Assistant’.

While this is just a simple first step, for all the techies out there, it features Natural Language Processioning, Hot Word Detection, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis.

While ultimately we will bring a more human interface throughout our platform, ‘D Assistant’ will be integrated with third party assistants starting with Google Assistant. To extend the reach of our platform into more mainstream devices like Google Home mini/maxi and more smart screen that are taking on the market right now.

But as always this is only the beginning, our assistant will not only hear your commands and reply back to you but we will make it real smart, like ‘AI’ smart. As it will analyse more data points within your data set and give you suggestions or will remind you to add that visit

For more innovations stay tuned!
Alen @ Team Dentem.


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