Dx Vision — What is next?

We have been working lately on Dentem 2.0 and one of the promises of our second version of the platform is that it will have Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning APIs) built in.

Based on our experience and knowledge our team is building better systems and one of those will be leveraging DX Vision API to auto populate tooth charting.

Get the data from this image (unstructured data)

We are changing the way we do things on the back end to have build a few models rather than just one monolithic model that will do everything.

We are rewriting the charting to be multi-region specific and get data from DX-Vision

This is one of the many ways our Ai research and machine learning algorithms will affect dentistry and this pattern will continue across all our application functionalities.

Stay tuned for a demo and more updates soon.
Team Dentem wishes you a happy holiday season!