New Infrastructure, up to 20x faster!

We are working daily to improve the quality of the service we offer to our clients. One of our main goals is to create a scalable and stable infrastructure.

So we relied on cloud providers in order to achieve our goals. Recently we are moving all our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform [GCP] and on the new updates you will see a speed increase from 10x to 20x faster.

This will simplify the life of every user and client. From finding a clinic to booking an appointment and looking up electronic dental records from the doctors point of view. All the calls are now up to 100 ms in latency and all users will spend a split second to achieve what they need. So in essence a users will save up to 2 seconds on every operation on the web app or mobile apps. You can see the results according to the network test from chrome on the same machine on the same network.

While our mission is to simplify the daily workflow for dentists we believe that every second counts.

Stay tuned for more updates!