Nvidia and the machine learning revolution

We at Dentem are super exited about what NVIDIA AI is bringing into the market. The new RTX line of graphics cards and the new ‘Turing’ architecture. This will push the whole industry forward. With machine learning revolutionizing every industry one by one. We love the new improved speeds of the ‘Ray Tracing’ and we believe that gaming and movies will never look the same after the announcements.

Nvidia RTX — Real time ray tracing.

But that is not why we are exited!

The biggest revolution by far is the ‘Tensor Core’ in the new architecture that serves machine learning models. The fascinating thing is that Nvidia improved ray tracing times up to 25x using a machine learning model. Jumping to their other project. Nvidia — Project Clara. The super computer for medical imaging.

It resembles one of our project, ‘Dx Vision,’ with the promise of bringing new life into medical images. They are driving the industry to the next revolution that its dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution. Machine learning models are going to be changing every industry in the near future as the speed of change is unbelievable.

This is just a glimpse of the future. Dx Vision will bring many more exiting changes and literally breathe new life into old images and imaging devices.

Stay tuned for more here at Dentem.

www.dentem.co — Team Dentem