This is how Artificial Intelligence will change dentistry!

Apr 5, 2018 · 3 min read
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The future will be much different that what it is now. We have seen a few revolutions throughout our lifespan. The speed of the Internet has changed the world by introducing real time connectivity. However, there is also a fundamental evolution in the way we input information. How we communicate with our devices. It started by inputting long and complex commands through a keyboard layout styled after typewriters. Then continued through GUI introduction, and then with the famous touchscreen and mobile devices together with the connectivity of the Internet revolutionized the way we use technology daily.

Voice enabled commands integrated with Amazon Alexa - Dentem.

The future looks even brighter. Our voice is becoming more and more a mainstream input and is changing how we use our devices and how we communicate. We also have the evolution of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence layers that are built on top of all the data spread across devices and platforms. We at Dentem are contributing to the future with our research projects.

Dx Vision is a computer vision algorithm that detects problems within dental x-rays developed by Dentem.

That is where we see our platform contributing to the change of how dental practices are managed and how software enables doctors and staff to achieve more while increasing effectiveness and efficiency. In 10 years from now, we will communicate with our devices primarily with our voice and in a more natural way. To the extent that technology may understand us fluently. The platform will not only analyze data but also give us second opinions on what procedures should be done and in what order so the treatment for the patient is always on point. The dental chair will not be just a chair with an Internet accessible computer or local database but rather a real virtual assistant to the provider of healthcare. It will be a central hub generating and retrieving new valuable information from a patient and directly analyzing the results from the moment a client needs a treatment. Smart delivery of care, not just a standard 6 month reminder to check up on clients but more customized care based on patients genetic data that determines if a patient either has stronger teeth or teeth that are more prone to a specific problem or periodontal problems like plaque.

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To the extent that once the patient sits on the dental chair a full 3D scan is made and procedures needed are automatically suggested. Afterwards, the doctor may wear smart glasses and preview a real-time bone structure of the patients skull and teeth so they know all the details for an extraction. Also, technologies that automatically calculate where braces should be placed and how much pressure should be applied to achieve the best results according to the bone density and age of the patient. All of this may be done without even touching a keyboard or mouse.

The future might look scary for some, but bright and exiting for us here at Dentem. And, we want to help build this future.

Written by Alen Saqe.

CEO at Dentem.


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