Try the algorithm yourself! Dx-Vision Demo is now live!

As promised, our Dx-Vision Demo is now accessible and dentists, students or anyone can try the AI powered platform from their personal laptops.

Dx-Vision Panel Demo

Visit Dx-Vision and sign up to try the technology. It detects over 10 objects and is now available for panoramic x-rays. You can watch the video in this article for more insight on how it works. This particular Demo is trained with more than 600 images and 1,000,000 steps. New versions and updates will be available in the future and accessible through Dentem as an external service.

Research and Innovation are a core part of the product. Dx-Vision & D-assistant are two R&D projects Dentem is working on right now with a team of professional developers, dentists and other industry professionals, while also engaging universities and researchers in the projects. If you are interested in learning more or becoming part of the project, just contact us.

The sole purpose of Dentem is to make life easier for dental practices. Dentem was started to meet the needs of a busy practice and has evolved through feedback from hundreds of customers to tailor our offerings to better serve dental practices everywhere so they can focus on the client while we handle the logistics. The platform is always growing which is for us an ongoing process, as with everything in life, change is inevitable and we are always striving to better our offerings. Dentem tackles the main pain-points in the dental practices, creating a paperless environment and making work easy in the practice. From scheduling, to electronic dental records, to online bookings and AI powered x-rays analytics. Reports are easier and dental practices have steadily achieved an increase in ROI by implementing Dentem.

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