A. Memory

Like a whirlwind it comes,
Slowly and gently it shakes me,lifts me 
And lo and behold!!

I am at the top
I am at the centre 
The breeze caressing my face 
Soothening and opening the knots 
Of nightmares 
Of hidden passion 
Of fear and insecurity

I can't see the world around me
It is swishing around in a cyclone 
But at this precise moment, this small place at the centre
I am in a different world at peace with myself.. 
Not judging anything.. not being judged

I can hear a soft hum-no tune ,no lyric
Just a soft melody 
I am lost in it...
It is overpowering my thoughts

Suddenly the cyclone slows down 
Shrinks... and shrinks more and finally disappears..
Leaving me standing in the deserted road,for a moment making me feel empty from within

I look around and see the world around me,the trees,the people,the colours,the emotions..
I walk towards them...
Feel them freshly for some time and gradually get accustomed to the routine I.e. LIFE