peek dental material application for prosthesis

The high biocompatibility of peek dental disc makes decision for prosthetic bases, implants,crown,bridge,partial developments, metal free supra-structures and additionally crown and extension reclamations. Peek dental material gives best solace to the patient because of its insignificant weight and extraordinary low warm conductivity.

Peek dental material feature

Adaptable material, bland

Better wearing solace because of its light weight

Sensitivity free and consequently profoundly biocompatible

Low plaque attachment, exceptionally smooth surface

Reasonable for the creation of crowns, spans, denture bases,

metal free superstructures and in addition for essential, auxiliary and tertiary developments

In the variant Bio Classic accessible as very biocompatible material

Peek dental restorations application

With digital dental CAD CAM design & production of denture framework,patient can match the individual anatomy with advantage of strong & light-weight framework.Compared with the conventional cobalt chrome alloy as well as zirconia, there is no need the process of sintering,however,it characters property of high precision, low density, light weight, soft texture,excellent performance of biocompatibility, which will not release to human body content of the senstivities material,the patient wearing is also more likely the original nature when biting.

Dental peek milling disc advantage 
Biocompatible: The polymer is biocompatible, it doesn’t deliver aggravation and other negative effects on the patient. Regular restoration material of cobalt chrome & titanium may result in black thread shape etc.

Precisely: Compared to different materials, polyetheretherketone can be unequivocally framed. Stability material, for example, misshapenings in the readiness and the tedious revamp don’t happen with peek disk dental material.

Manageable: Polyetheretherketone has a moderately long life, with appropriate handling and care. It is in this manner substantially more practical than regular platform materials.

With PEEK you require a brief period: The preparing of dental peek disc as a framework material in CAD/CAM is associated with a little measure of time.

The PEE with demonstrated bio-similarity was extraordinarily produced for dental lab cad cam innovation. High protection from wear, scraped spot and consumption guarantees that the material has a long implanted life and its bone-like modulus of versatility guarantees that it stays extremely solid and adaptable.

Advantage of peek dental prhosthesis

1,Wearing time unbounded

Reasonable for the perpetual, complete and carefully intrusive treatment.

2,Hostile to allergenic

Metal-and monomerfree suitable for Pataients experiencing hypersensitivities; 
Low particular material weight human bone-like.

3,Perfect physical and substance material qualities

The future number one decision of without metal prosthetic material because of its human bone-like versatility and high-diligence in mix with nearly non-existent material weariness.Peek is biocompatible, wear-safe and in the meantime relatively versatile like the human bone.

4,The ideal physical properties of PEEK permit relatively indistinguishable development measurements as with metal materials.

5,Controlled mechanical specialized long haul temper process ensures limits material strain and best homogeneous crystallization.