Minimum wage means, if I can pay you less, I would!
Tim Benson

She made 12.25 an hour, as everyone else making minimum wage in San Francisco does. 12.25 x 40 x 52 = 25,480. Aka, over twice the poverty line. If you don’t like your income at 40 hours a week, nothing is preventing you from working more than that like 75 percent or so of working Americans. She had an unrelated degree, no experience, and a fucking shit attitude, but yeah, she should be paid like the CEO because life is tough and she really felt like she deserved more for answering telephones. Great explanation. Have fun trying to get hired with a hole in your resume, no recommendations, and trying to explain this diatribe to potential employers. Haha. If she wanted to pursue a path in homelessness, she’s certainly blown that door wide open.

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