First world underwater tunnel in Norway

Is it possible? Engineers in Norway want to build an underwater, tube-shaped tunnel that floats in one of their fjords. The tunnel would cut a 21 hour trip between 2 cities down to 11 hours. A final decision on the project will be announced by the end of this year.

It’s very ambitious plans, as for me. At present, the only way to travel across the bodies of water involves taking a series of ferries — an inconvenient and time-consuming process.

The "submerged floating bridges" would consist of large tubes suspended under 100 feet of water, and each one will be wide enough for two lanes of traffic.

Norway's submerged bridges would be held up by pontoons along the surface, conneted with trusses to keep everything stable. There's also the possibility that the structure may be bolted to the bedrock below to provide added stability. Each bridge system would consist of two tunnels, side-by-side: one for traffic in each direction.

The structure will consist of two curved, 1200m-long concrete tubes hanging 20 to 30m below the surface. The tubes would be connected to floating pontons on the surface.

The structure is officially called a submerged floating tube-bridge but is also know as a Archimedes Bridge.

The Arhimedes principle is named after the Ancient Greek mathematician who came up with the buoyancy calculation, supposedly while sitting in the bathtub.

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