Top 3 Cheapest Homes for Poor Millenniums

Everyone knows that Millennials are the poorest generation of our time. They are still too young and inexperienced to have a good paid job. Their laziness and selfishness compared with previous generations do not help them. But the needs and expences such as closing, food and housing for millenniums, as for everyone else, need to be covered. This generation has a novel view of the world, attitude to life and different philosophy. Every millennium wants to be bright and presentable. Many of us no longer want to be a part of the crowd, everyone wants to be unique. Trends of non-conformism are appearing to be more evident in our generation. Millennials desire to have work-life balance and still maintain comfortable housing. In order to have this balance, less time at work has to be spent. Our income will be less. Luckily we have more then one way to go for an affordable housing.

#3 Tiny House on Wheels

The Tiny House movement became very popular in the last decade and it is still growing. Typically a tiny home is anywhere between 75 to 400 square feet. A smaller home can save you time and money. On top of that, tiny house might even give you peace of mind with less staff around you, and while you are living this way you also help environment by living small.

Price: $47,000 (move in version)

Super Movable: Same way as RV just attach it to your truck and go where ever you can. No worries and troubles with relocation.

Energy Efficient: You will pay an average of $40 for the utilities monthly. With a solar panel and a wood stove it can go to $0.

#2 Shipping Container House

Shipping containers are also known as cargo containers. These containers are large metal boxes, which serve to transport products by cargo ships, trains or trucks. With time most of these containers remain unused. The majority of us pass by them without even noticing them and don’t really bother to think about all the wonderful things the containers can be used for. One of the most important of those thing is building a shipping container house.

Price: $30,000.

Simple Installation Process: To install one ocontainer, you will need a crane and a truck.

Easy to Move: You can load your house on the cargo trailer and move it where ever you need.

Extension: With time it is easy to extend this type of house. Add one or two extra containers and it will be an average living housing.

Durability: House from the cargo container are very durable thanks to the steel frame. No reason to be afraid of high wind or hurricanes anymore.

#1 Earthbag House

Earth homes are one of the oldest types of buildings in the world. These houses have been build since the beginning of human era. In the last couple years this structure became popular again. It is also the cheapest and the fastest way to build comfortable place to live.

Price: $15,000

Easy to Build: You don’t need to have expensive tools and a lot of experience to build one these houses. All you need to have is a space and a lot of sandbags.

Efficient energy saver: Thickness of the walls helps to control temperature during the day light and the night. Temperature will be more stable.

Star Wars Look: House of Sandbags reminds me of the home of Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

Durability: These houses are sturdy in case of tornado or high wind storms.

Eco Friendly: Sanbags filled with clay and sand will make these type of housing 100% clean.

Fire resistant: Because the walls of this house made of sand there is no danger to lose your house during the fire.