Nobody cares, so just ‘Do you’!

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You & me, we are guilty! We are guilty of not doing what we want, when we want, for as long as we want!

So as 2016 came to a close, I came across the one, the only and possibly the realest *insert beep x2* on the internet, he goes by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk.

So for those who have heard of him, or know who he is Hi-5’s all around ;).

For those of you that don’t, drop everything and go check him out on Instagram & YouTube, right after you finish this blog post, yes AFTER this blog post! Phew, ok lets proceed.

Let’s be honest for a moment, how many times have we wanted to post that selfie, or start that blog, hell even work on that business idea we think could be ‘the next big thing.’ Think about that for a second… and while you do I want to emphasise this is not a ‘motivational 2017 is here speech’, I am sure there will be plenty of this coming to screens near you!

Ok did you think about it? Let’s resume…Ultimately the reason for ducking, diving and damn near jumping back into our comfort zone boils down to fear. The fear of failing, or more importantly being criticised. You know what I mean… you have this crazy good idea, get all excited to the point you could potentially dribble, and then the rational part of your brain says… ‘that is stupid’ or in the case of a selfie ‘eww WTF was I thinking’. We forget that stupid is a subjective term, and what may seem stupid to you, could potentially be life changing to the next person.

Sound familiar huh? Well it’s certainly the reason I only managed around 5 blog posts in the entirety of 2016. Don’t get me wrong I was happy to even get passed the first 1 and join this amazing community, and to be honest I received such nice feedback. So why did I struggle to produce more, I wish I could say it was just laziness, but truth be told I was just waiting for the next ‘Perfect topic’. Getting more familiar yet? I am not finished, I had ideas quite a few actually, but I was over critical of them, will anyone even care? Would they read this? Maybe I should just stick to developer focused blog posts that worked before? This happened consistently, I became a master at persuasion lol, yeah… the wrong kind of persuasion I know.

Let’s reign it in now, I mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk earlier, well he inspired me to write this post because he is all about authenticity, a true advocate of being yourself.

I concluded this, Nobody cares, so just do you! Wow that’s a bit full on huh? Think of it this way, do you remember the people taking pictures in public last week? Can you visualise their face? Do you remember the time when u tripped over the pavement (or multiple times if your that kind of person), do you recall the people standing by whom saw this hysterical event? Do you remember those people who miss their bus every morning, even though they busted a gut to get there? No, the point is they probably don’t remember you either, you see, embarrassing moments, failures, near misses are all forgettable events, they blow over we live learn and move on. So why restrict your happiness in fear of what MIGHT happen, which will be forgotten tomorrow anyway? Or next week? Ok if its REALLY funny maybe a month but that’s it!

Don’t over think, Just do. Don’t ask permission, Just do. Don’t regret just…You get the point.

One last thing, You may think its crazy, stupid or outrageous but If that is you, don’t ever be apologetic for being yourself, because chances are people WILL remember you for being… well, SO, JUST, YOU!

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