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1st of January 2017 the day I posted my first video edit.

30 days later I posted a video, with footage from London to America made possible by you guys!

A simple day in the life of pilot project turned into a beautiful blend of clips from various people.

The Task

As I mentioned in my previous blog post (Nobody cares so just ‘do you’), the turn of the year signified a DO MORE ‘overthink’ less approach for me personally. Since then I managed to produce a personal day in the life of video once a week & post regular updates on my social media ranging from photography — coding.

I then challenged friends & anyone following me on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook to help me create something beautiful.

I posted this request video asking for assistance (see here). No time to check the video? Not a problem basically what I asked for was, for people to send me any interesting ‘day in the life of’ clips from that week, so I could make a cool edit using their footage.

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I expected maybe one or two people to participate, but before I knew it five, six, seven were asking me questions about, how, what, when and where!

Some people had reservations, because they believed their camera was ‘crap’ I just replied, “no ones judging your camera quality , I am not exactly Steven Spielberg either!”

It’s interesting to note that, the majority of the content received were not from people, who deem themselves as creative in a particular medium. I love this, it shows anyone, and everyone can be whatever the hell they want to be in the present moment.


I believe everyone wants to be seen, heard and respected no matter their role within society. Saying this, confidence is built by your environment and the people you engage with on a regular basis. My aim of this pilot project was to project simply this message…

You don’t need to be a Social media star or influencer in order for you to create interesting content, you only need to be who you have always been and embrace that. ‘A day in the life of’ I mean it doesn’t get much simpler than that as a concept.

“Don’t over think, Just do. Don’t ask permission, Just do.”

Our feeds usually contain these Vlogs from people who have ‘made it’ or are at that ‘desired destination’ which is awesome and I love that, but the grind started somewhere, so do not be afraid to share your grind with the world, if you so wish!

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In the grand scheme of things, this project was small. It doesn’t change the world, It has no impact on the political outcome of any country, state or such.

It does however, change stuff for me. I had loads of fun, using my GoPro, learning how to edit, collecting cool clips from you guys. I hope it changed stuff for those who participated too, even if its being that bit more confident.

I am extremely grateful to all those who submitted. ( You have a friend in me — ToyStory 1995 ). Maybe one day I will make it through a blog post without an inappropriate & slightly out of context quote / remark.

Now It is time to start work on the next mini series.

For all the ‘day in the life of’ clips see below:

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