Thirty-three musings on my thirty-third birthday:

  1. Doubt yourself sometimes. Real intelligence is exemplified by people who can be fine with being wrong. …Whatever “real intelligence” is.
  2. What I’ve learned about the stock market: buy stock in Apple (AAPL).
  3. Womanhood/Manhood looks a lot like being a responsible, disciplined, independent, dependent-in-the-right-ways, well balanced adult.
  4. Quote #1: “Treat Yo Self”. — Parks and Rec’s Tom and Donna.
  5. I’m at the most satisfied point in my life, mostly due to God and the blessings that come from the California sun and Vitamin D.
  6. Being married to a woman who is wise, driven, smart, beautiful, attractive, and whom people adore is a pretty special thing.
  7. Quote #2: “Marriage is the best kind of work.”
    — Ben Affleck.
    Never thought I’d quote Ben Affleck but… here we are.
  8. I’m going to refer to being ‘thirty three’ as my ‘Jesus’ year (the age He was when He died and resurrected). If I see you often, you may get tired of me calling it that. #sorrynotsorry
  9. Deleting most games and apps from my iPhone has been therapeutic. I don’t know how well this bodes for my future as I continue to write apps for the iPhone, but lots of articles are being written about the value of being bored and I agree. My clearest thoughts come while I’m giving my brain a chance to catch up.
  10. In another life, I’m a jazz pianist with a lot of soul and feeling in every press of the keys.
  11. In yet another life, I’m a short story writer who lives in a cabin in the woods.
  12. As far as this life, I’m finally really glad to have a Bachelor Degree in Bible and Theology from Lee University. There was a little failure to launch, but I’m OK with that now.
  13. Learn to learn, folks.
  14. I wonder if someday, someone will ask me to write and give a sermon instead of make a website or an app? Note: this isn’t a plead. I think making a living out of making websites and apps is great. But then I wonder, what’s the half life of a degree you don’t use professionally?
  15. Quote #3: “The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
    — William James.
    This is true-ish. Make dent in the universe, sure, but be a part of the Kingdom of God here and now and when the Kingdom of God comes (the part of the Kingdom that isn’t here already), you’ll be alright with the way you spent your “old”-earth days.
  16. My relationship with creativity and coding is this: I can design something fun, clean, and simple, then go and code that thing to make it do what I want it to do. I think that’s pretty cool.
  17. In yet another life, I’m a pediatrician.
  18. Share yourself. Your thoughts (filtered or not), talents, gifts, money, wisdom, time, and history.
  19. You know the whole “telling your story” thing that’s kind of popular right now? There’s a reason. Most are unaware who they are, how they are perceived, and what their potential is. This goes for businesses, non-profits, and individuals.
  20. Oxford Comma for life!
  21. After last year’s post, wouldn’t you know… I still don’t have enough shoes?
  22. Breaking Bad, folks. …I wish I could say, ‘Touched By An Angel, folks’, but I can’t. Maybe next year, I’ll say, ‘Better Call Saul, folks’.
  23. Being intentional is hard for non Type-A, introvert/ambivert-minded (INTJ) folks like myself but it’s always worth it.
  24. Issues of race, prejudice and racism took up a lot of my brain space last year. As a Caribbean person with ancestors from India (i.e., brown person), I’m more aware than ever of areas where I need to speak up for myself, and areas I need bring attention to for other minorities and marginalized.
  25. I wonder if my beliefs in regards to politics can be boiled down to this: be pro-life for the person before and after birth. There’s not enough of that.
  26. One of my favorite de-stressers is having a dog that wags his tail when I walk in the door.
  27. One day, I’ll look back on my life and I’ll say, “I tried to ride the mountains of Santa Barbara on my bike”.
  28. Strengthsfinder results: Individualization, Developer, Restorative, Analytical, Strategic.
  29. Who’s going to be the face of MLB now that Jeter has retired? #goyanks2015
  30. Superman > Batman.
  31. I cannot get past the first pages of the Lord of the Rings books. There’s something about fantasy fiction that my brain doesn’t enjoy… yet.
  32. I’ll be in Disneyland on my thirty-third birthday with my wife, sister, brother-in-law and two nieces. It’s gonna be pretty awesome. Note: as an adult, birthdays with family is a rarity, so I’ll enjoy this one a lot!
  33. Watches… I don’t own enough watches.


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