Thirty-two things I’ve learned in thirty-two years.

  1. I have trouble finding time, but less trouble making time.
  2. I’m trying to remove addictive things from my life (this includes games from my iPhone).
  3. “Difficult things are worth doing” is synonymous with “Live life to the fullest.”
  4. Tensions I’m always “holding”: Balance vs Diving in.
  5. Tension #2: Analog vs Digital.
  6. Tension #3: Love for others vs Care for self.
  7. Tension #4: Intentional vs Organic.
  8. Quotes I come back to: “Those who work with their minds, rest with their hands.” — I can’t remember who said it.
  9. Quote #2: “Trying to leave myself time to wander, explore and allow things to percolate. The best things take time.” — I can’t remember who said this one either.
  10. Good poetry soothes my soul. I need to make more time for it.
  11. Spirituality looks less like mysticism, and more like serving others.
  12. It’s OK to get mad at God.
  13. Staying mad at God is a certain kind of poison.
  14. Everyone has a story. That may sound campy, but the point here is: everyone has broken parts so handle with care.
  15. Learn proper expectation levels.
  16. Punching back is sometimes appropriate.
  17. Sometimes, realizing the value of something comes only after doing it.
  18. A little bit of structure helps me not waste time and learning how to structure my time is a discipline.
  19. The design of something is how it’s organized. The rest is just finding something to hang your hat on.
  20. Quote #3: On writing: “Just try. You’ll improve. Keep going. Enjoy it.”
  21. Tension #5: “is this something to fight against and change, or is this one of the things that I must accept and learn to live with?”
  22. What I do (web and app development) isn’t who I am. I’m a person who enjoys the art/skill of content creation and delivery using modern avenues. You could say I’m passionate about that.
  23. Writing something that doesn’t feel self-aggrandizing is why I don’t write more often.
  24. Find something worthwhile to leave your fingerprints on.
  25. It’s easier to not eat 500 calories than it is to burn 500 calories.
  26. For me, motivation by shame is more effective than the motivation of euphoria by accomplishing the task. I wish that wasn’t the case.
  27. “Reading the room” is a good skill to learn.
  28. If I could do anything else, I would be a writer.
  29. Being smart has less to do with natural ability and intellectualism and more to do with being an observant go-getter.
  30. I’m more into music now than at any time in my life.
  31. Not everyone thinks like I do. Thank God.
  32. I would like to own more shoes. Four pairs just isn’t cutting it.
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