A tribute to Dan Fogelberg (1951–2007)

There are song writers and then there’s Dan Fogelberg. In a class and league of his own!! He was a true prodigy and virtuoso of his craft and art. During his music writing decades from the early 70’s to his death in 2007, he released some 30+/- albums. Most of which were gold and platinum due to his dedicated fan base. He played both electric and acoustic tours on alternating year to year. I have seen him in concert 5 times, and enjoyed each and every one of them….

His ability to play a variety of string instruments as well as keyboards, piano, organ and such enabled him to explore a wide range of musical expression and depth. No one could or has written about life, love and the human condition like he did… Covering all of the positive and negative sides of people in general. From their false faces to their everlasting loves. His songs/lyrics had the ability to speak to people like a friend, helping them along in their own lives. In addition, he had great regard for nature and spent much of his time writing songs about the environment, wilderness and wild life hoping that man would recognize all the damage we have and still do to our planet.

Sometime in the 70’s he was invited to become a permanent band member of “The Eagles”, who at that time were one of the most popular bands world wide. After some consideration he declined the offer and continued the path along his own career. To me, Dan Fogelberg was one of the musicians that comes along once in a great, great while to share and give to us all a glimpse into the man and his music. In loving memory.

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