Giving it All Away!

D. E. O'Connor
Jul 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Everything takes time, but, Life is Short. What a strange but obvious dichotomy. When you’re young, nothing seems fast enough. Growing up, between the ages of 16 and 21 we want things to come around fast it seems. The traditions of marriage, school, church and family are so embedded that many can’t or won’t try to see past them. So, we follow along these paths we’ve been sold from childhood, believing and unquestioning much of what we see and are told. That, I believe is the first critical mistake for so many. Making potential life altering decisions and conclusions without being equipped with experience and emotional maturity due to our young ages. Essentially trying to fit in with our environment, with our friends, family, and receive favorable acceptance. In addition, the media which attempts to brainwash everyone with everything. What to look like, the car you drive, how you smell and on and on. Then comes the time when we are out there going through the motions of what we’ve been sold and taught. When the typical success is supposed to equal making Money, get married, have children with a nice house and car. What else, the frickin American Dream. Then comes the day when we realize that up until now, we have spent so much of our lives chasing and allowing the dreams and expectations of others to dictate our present day lives. Giving away all your individuality, your own dreams and goals (Yourself),through that process. Afraid that not living up to these other peoples expectations would make us some kind of failure/loser. Why is it that so many people buy into this bullshit of pleasing others before themselves. You know, “don’t disappoint your parents, family, teachers” and whoever else you’ve put in a position of power. Finally, we come to realize that we’ve merely been pursuing an illusion of life. One that is not familiar or that constitutes the life you have desired within yourself, which has slowly been dying like an unattended garden. This is not meant to say this applies to everyone. Obviously, there are folks that have never followed this consent of their lives. They have known from an early age just what they want to do and live accordingly. And to those that do, I say hats off to you! Being who and living as an individual is one of life’s greatest gifts………

D. E. O'Connor

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