How Long??

That’s a real concern and a very relevant question that has been kicked around for some time now. Very recently, the growing concerns have been brought to the forefront that ever changing technologies that continue to consume our everyday lives will somehow spin out of control. Most prevalent is the advancement in the AI (artificial intelligence) sector of technology, with the real fear that we may be involved in a very dangerous, self-destructive behavior, that could easily come back to create an irreconcilable effect that will create all out devastation. A far cry from it’s original intent. Robots with actual learning ability that can take on almost human characteristics with thought and reasoning capability.

“This could easily spell disaster for the Human Race”, as was recently warned by Stephen Hawking, the English Theoretical Physicist. I don’t know of anyone to argue his opinion. But, it’s still one person’s view. It does appear that there is no stopping the ever mounting force of continued research and development of , new technologies. With typical consumers crying out for better, faster, more advanced technology in their phones, computers, smart watches etc. It appears most have little concern of what the ever mounting possibility of disaster may be. In fact, most believe that all is well in regards to the safety of technology, and turn their heads and thoughts away in indifference. And, the same messages are played out with the media and large financially bloated corporations who direct their products at the consumer looking for the latest and greatest.

So, how long will it take for this predicted doom of the Human Race? Unless there is a grand paradigm shift in reasoning, and a benevolence , there will be a continuum to chase the almighty dollar with the promise of newer and better tech without the slightest concern of any disastrous outcome.

Or, this maybe all a bunch of bullshit, a huff of false positives. How many times have we all heard the cry of Wolf Before?. Or maybe, just maybe we will have to save ourselves by colonizing the moon to escape Man’s ever growing abundance of Gross Stupidity and Greed……………