Mirrors – Inside Out!!

So many people I have met in my life require a mirror to see themselves and reveal who they are. Not the physical kind that hang on so many walls.. These people always look to sources outside themselves to reflect and glimpse false insights and perceptions of who they are. They require a specific setting surrounded by cultural, spiritual, possessions, money and chosen people.. It is only then that they “believe “ and accept that these false images provide accurate reflections of themselves.

These images are then used to equate their happiness, status, success and importance in the world.. When these people are alone, without some outside input, their ability to see who they are falls empty and void having had always relied on outside reflection.

This is a very unhappy and lonely state of being.. The way to achieve a sense of self is to reach for and attain a oneness of yourself. Really seeing and attempting to incorporate your strengths and weakness, beliefs, experiences, lessons, cons and pros, liking, loving, hating and accepting all of your baggage.. Only then are you capable of certain freedoms, happiness and a true friend for life…….

Haven’t the people that look outside learned that mirrors provide a backwards reflection.

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