The Aragon

The Aragon, one of the grand old dancing ballrooms from yester year in Chicago. Back in the day, it was one of the only places in the late 20's through the 50's one could go to participate in ballroom style dancing. Built in 1926, it was considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Now, jump into the early 60's, when everything had changed to keep up with the times, when peace and love were the religion of the day..The Aragon morphed into a great place to see all the bands of the era with a capacity of approximately 4,000. So, so many to mention, but the likes of Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Iron Butterfly and on and on… I was working there through my high school years, both back stage to meet and help some bands with their equipment, and the front soda and treats bar. Most band members were quite decent people, but so high that their talking and walking were amusing. I assume you might know just how many drugs were shared and consumed in that time period of the 60's. Most times it was acid, speed and weed as the first choice of many… It was much like a mini indoor Woodstock for a few thousand people on the weekends.

The whole experience had a great effect on me. The drugs, the women and of course seeing all the great bands FREE for years…. I wonder if any readers from the 60's or 70's from Chicago know of, or have visited this great music venue.. Let me know.

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