The Blink of an Eye

Hey Medium, How you doing. (Relationships), aren't they fun to talk about and ponder. Seems to be a popular topic on Medium. Wouldn't be surprised if this is a “this happened to me” post for many. The inner working and dynamics are so puzzling and so often misunderstood. Running the gamut from very good to altogether bad, which can and do change -within the blink of an eye-. Radical shifts due to change in goals, aspirations, trust, emotions and needs. Which are just a minimal number of reasons in the vast pool of human experience.

I have always enjoyed Tom Hanks quote in Forrest Gump, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Such a profound and accurate statement. The connections we make in our personal relations come and go accordingly, never sure of what’s coming around the next unseen emotional bend. I guess the way our relationships end dictate what can be the future of said relation, if any. I have been married and divorced which has resulted in 35 years of being attached and connected to my wives, and sadly concluded with no communications of any kind. Now, being older and wiser (I hope), my mindset and attitude has shifted on the outcomes, the aftermath and hopes of past relations. After all the time, plans, dreams and goals that two people share together, not to mention the potential of their having children, seem to be a monumental waste of your life, including all your efforts, compromises, attempts and emotions, if the two people cannot work out their issues and at least remain civil, if not friendly to ratify that yes, we were a couple that once loved and liked one another that just had differences and changes overtime that didn't allow for the long run or the lifetime plan. We have not turned into bad, grotesque or unacceptable people now that we’ve parted. Just different people that have changed since our beginnings together. We should not try to make each other suffer, after all, we have invested ourselves to one another in times past. I am aware that some people seem to have good, solid, lasting relationships for whatever their reasons might be. I say good for them.

Relationships have been around since the dawn of man, and will remain in the future due to our social makeup. Let’s all try to be kind,or at lest decent to one another, and simply not discard each other like an old worn pair of shoes…….