July memories

He gets back from work, tired, lonely and scared. Scared of what he has done, of promises he has broken and damages made. He listens to Hozier “Hold back the river” and his emptiness increases.

He starts thinking of last year. He says to himself this time last year he was the happiest man on earth. He had probably everything a man wished for. He had love and thats all he has ever wanted. A true feeling of love. He thinks about her, her flower, her only solace, her only comfort zone. What could she be doing now? Could she be thinking of him? Could she have moved on? Will she take him back?

He is now in deep thoughts. His mind is astray, he is far far away. He remembers the first time he saw her. She was tense, walked so fast and yet majestically and full of grace. She said a hello in a very small voice. Her voice ordinary yet there was something interesting about it. He said hello and continued working, pretending not to notice her. That was his way. He always pretended not to be interested. It was his way of showing off his coolness. She walked on, continued with her work and that was the beginning of an acquaintance, one that would to a love, a love that is so unforgettable.

They interacted occasionally but with nothing interesting. Normal conversations, normal events. Until that month of July. July, July, memories from July. It was his best month, yet his worst month.

There were assigned to perform a job together and on that day that they had to travel, the plane left them. So they had to sit at the airport to wait for another plane. And thats when they fell in love. Deep in love. In the days that followed it was there best days. Days filled with happiness, they could not be separated, watched football together together.

Everybody could see that it was love, they were deep in love. But here they are, so far apart, miles miles away. He didn’t know how it happened, but wished it had not happened. But that was it. Shit had happened. Love was lost, memories forgotten.

He decided to go sleep, so that he could dream of July. That month of July where all this begun. This sadness that was preceded by so much happiness. He said a small prayer, and hoped that he could experience July memories again.

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