Dear leftist White people. STOP TELLING ME TO KNOW MY HISTORY!!! DAMN!!

So I’m in this discussion about police encounters. Once again, I bring facts, my knowledge of the law, and my experience; not my emotions into the conversation to help fill in the blanks for some folks.

So this guy we will call Captain McF🤬🤬tard jumps on the thread and starts accusing me of not knowing my history as a Black man because I did not agree that an incident was racist.

I ignore him at first. As the convo continued, he interjected again stating some bs about a man who doesn’t know his slave history is doomed to repeat it. He further stated that me being a Black officer caused me to forget who I was. It was as if he was trying to get me to remember my place.

It was the final straw. First because we weren’t even talking about slavery, second it just felt kinda racist of him putting me in a box.

So I responded as follows:

“Listen Captain. I don’t think you realize how racist you sound. I think I know more about my history than you do.

You clearly know me as a perpetual slave. But prior to us being kidnapped by White slavers and sold out by African Kings, on my Dads side of the family, I discovered I am Nigerian. These men were masters of metal work. Master hunters and gatherers and fiercely independent.

On my mothers side, I am from The Congo . My Congo ancestors were a dominant kingdom between the 14th and 19th Century.

So I come from men of steel and power. I don’t need you telling me which aspect of history to be inspired from.

The truth is Captain, YOU want to be my master. You want me to think like you. You want to tell me how to be Black to serve YOUR purpose. And if I rebel, your whips and nooses are your labels and branding of Black folks who refuse to remain slaves in the mind. Even worse you have conditioned them to attack Black people like me who decide to use logic and reason, instead of your prescribed narrative for my life. You are the worst kind of racist because you show up pretending to be my friend.

But you only want to use my experience to further your ideals that in the end never benefits me anyway.

I don’t fear the kkk. They are easy to spot and too dumb to even concern myself with.

But your kind of racism is the most dangerous to me and my people. It’s the crippling kind that made welfare our fathers. I’m sure you don’t tell your kids they are victims. But you want me to tell mine they are?

You need me chained up in a constant state of victimhood and mediocrity.

Sorry. You can fool weak minded folks who are stuck in one aspect of their history. But I am aware of a past far before slavery. And am living free, mind, body, and soul long after.

Go chain up another Brother with your bull shit…. Massa’ Cap.

I’m free my friend.

Was I too hard on him?