So I was in Skid Row, and I finally located a homeless victim of a crime I had been searching for for months. I needed her to identify a gangster who brutally assaulted her.

Upon seeing me she hugged me and agreed to go to the station to identify him on a six pack. On the way to the station, she was elated that she got to ride in the front seat of my car instead of the back like the old days.

She was having too much fun, as she put on my riot helmet and started doing the shoulder lean to the music playing in my iPad. We get to the station and I had a difficult time getting her to take off my helmet. When she finally did, like a child she said “Awe man!” Such a sweet soul.

We went into the station and she was walking up to officers and detectives greeting them and singing. She walked up to one detective and got real close and personal to compliment him on his tie.

I guided her away to the lobby and told her to wait. As we are walking to the lobby she sees a flier on the wall of a Nacho fundraiser. She begged me to get her some nachos. So I sat her in the lobby and bought some nachos for her after trying to find the needed paper work to try to identify her attacker.

I couldn’t find the paperwork, but I did not want her to leave knowing how impatient she could be. I rushed back to her with the nachos in hand. She left the lobby. I thought she was gone.

I ran out the door to find her, and saw her walking away. I called to her “Hey! What about your nachos and the report?”

She turns around and comes back. She was really excited about those nachos. As I hand it to her it almost falls from my hand. I catch them, and get cheese on my thumb. She grabs a nacho and starts munching. As I’m distracted by an argument across the street with the nachos still in my hand, she bends down and licks the nacho cheese from my hand….

19 years ago, I would have lost my mind. But today, I really realized that God truly called me to be in Skid Row. Didn’t phase me a bit. She looked at me and said “Dang this cheese is good.”

I am temporarily changing my name from CHOCOLATE THUNDAH to CHEEZY THUNDAH!!! Or… CHOCOLATE CHEEZY OFF THE HEEZY!!

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