My day? A transgender woman was shot in the head and murdered in broad daylight at a tent encampment. Another woman was stabbed in the face multiple times by a severely disturbed woman who had no business being in the street. She then bit me. I was not mad at her. I was mad at the system that allows her to roam the streets without proper care.

As I am struggling with her, some idiot showed up after the crime occurred and started filming me and narrating as we were placing her in the patrol car stating as he filmed “Yeah this is how the cops treat homeless women”. His ass was in the area when the woman we arrested stabbed her victim. He didn’t film that, nor did he add that to his narration.

I’m sure he will post it on YouTube and all the simple minded anti cop trolls will believe him.

Heard another man jumped out of a high rise in downtown LA over the air.

As we are still dealing with the violent mentally ill woman, more mentally ill men and women were walking in and out of traffic nearly being struck by vehicles. They looked like zombies. That spice is no joke. It’s destroying people.

Heard from two sources that Orange County is possibly dropping their mentally ill off in skid row by the van load.

The only bright spot was seeing so many people from skid row and beyond, attend the Central Citizens academy. It did my heart good to see the diversity, and people’s willingness to see the other side of police work that most of the media won’t show. But I almost feel like it’s too little to late.

Found out what I thought was good news, that a new detox/sobering center would be opening in LA. Unfortunately it may be placed in downtown LA. So now we will have more drunk mentally ill people dropped of downtown, and illegal beer venders setting up in front of the place to serve them beer. I so wish people would talk to me first before they come up with these ideas.

Heard the governor wants to release more people from prison. You would think he would see the rise in crime from Prop 47 and AB109, and rethink that move. I just don’t get it.

Skid Row is going to hell in a hand basket. I am truly concerned for the people there. To the shooting victim… May you rest in peace.

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