To the victor goes the spoils of war. For the victims…. Well… They just spoil.

I refused to be a victim. I will not allow my sons to believe they are victims. I am doing them a disservice if I allow that to happen. I don’t have my fathers struggles. They did not have mine. I come from a man who would not pass his scars down to me so that I could believe I could be anything. And I won’t pass mine to them. I won’t allow today’s victim culture to spoil my sons like fruit or dated milk and rob them of precious nutrients they uniquely possess to strengthen the American body, and the world.

Today’s movements are destroying this generation of Young Americans. They are not being taught to succeed. They are being indoctrinated to destroy.

Many of them are not thinkers, they are parrots mimicking things they hear over and over that are shoved down their throats by those who are supposed to open their minds, not brainwash them, so they can live out their failed movements vicariously through todays youth leading them to their internal, and soon external detriment.

I cannot allow that for my children. I want them to be free as I was to think independently and objectively. To be open and reasonable.

I don’t want them fearing any man. I don’t want them figuratively castrating themselves to be accepted by today’s twisted logic or culture. I don’t want them believing there is some boogie man trying to sabotage them at every corner because of their gender or race.

I want them to see themselves as capable, strong, and free men and women no matter what challenges come their way.

I need them to know that the world is theirs if they finish school, don’t commit crime, do not put substances into their body that can alter them in any way, work hard and keep God in their hearts. Because that is how I avoided the pitfalls that befell other brothers and sisters I knew.

At the least from doing these things they will have a decent life. And if they go above and beyond in doing these things, they can have an exceptional life.

Nothing can hold them back. Not their skin color. Not anything. Being “woke” won’t foster that. Being awake will.

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