I know in these highly polarized times it is not politically correct to tell the entire truth about the majority cops. Just the truth that is convenient for the mood.

I want to tell you why this picture has so much meaning. I always keep hearing how the black man has deserted his role as a leader and mentor in black communities. I also hear that cops do not care about black communities. Her are five Black men who happen to be cops doing all they can to uplift black communities. From Skid Row to the Projects, the folks we help did not make it easy for us. But we kept pushing until we were accepted, gained their trust, and they allowed us to help. I was so filled with pride today.

I don’t give a damn what people say about me for what I do. My detractors have not done half of what I or these officers have done to help.

Heroes do not care about how they are perceived. They just serve. Thank you Watts Bears coaches for inspiring me today.

So many great stories from this weekend. I will share them this week. Because if I don’t. You will never know the other side.

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