I’m no preacher. But as I sat on my couch and watched a ridiculous protest between two hate groups at Berkeley, I pondered on how dangerously divisive our world is today. A saying that has been written on my heart for years kept ringing over and over again in my head and heart.

It rang for years until this moment when it made perfect sense. That saying was as follows;

There is absolute beauty in simplicity.

As Easter falls upon us, and many remember the sacrifice of our Lord. I became disheartened at how complicated we have made Jesus.

The sovereign Jesus who moved And moves in pure love, has had his memory contorted to fit the moods and narrative of the un-pure intentions of man.

Speaking of the 44 years of my life, I have watched as a child as Jesus became blond haired with blue eyes. Which gave many who were oppressed an aversion to knowing the real Jesus.

Then in a revolutionary radical defiance, he became Black with dreads, to give the oppressed a stone to throw to feel self worth.

As I got older, and watched elections, I saw man make Jesus, a republican. And in response, another sect of man made him a lefty.

I saw people in my walk as a man, misuse and misrepresent the meaning of his life, to suit or justify their lifestyles and create complexed arguments as to who he is to them and why?

I hear people create him into their own image on every level so they could feel comfortable worshiping him. When it is us who should be striving to be like him, and worship him for who he is, not what we want him to be.

I’ve seen the man made ideal of Jesus used as a figurative baseball bat, to oppress and manipulate people.

I’ve witnesses politicians use his name to get votes, and others all but denounce him to do the same.

How did Jesus become so complicated?

There was nothing complicated about his purpose. He came to feel our pain. He came to offer hope. He came to forgive, and heal. He came to dine with those the world marginalized and tell them they were loved. He came to touch those men were to fearful to touch.

He did not come to twist our arm. He came to show the way to God but gave us a choice. He showed us how to love children. He showed us how to forgive. He showed us how to care for widows and orphans and others who could not help themselves. He did so in love without compromising.

He showed us how to treat those the world sees as the least of these, as beings that are equally loved by God no matter where they fell on life’s economic landscape.

He showed us the the poor can be rich, and the rich can be poor, when the currency is not measured in paper or Gold, but what is in your heart, and how open your heart is to him.

He did not come to be your Black Jesus, or White Jesus. Your liberal Jesus or Conservative Jesus. Because when we reimagine him in that way well… Just look at how complicated things are today. When we do that, Jesus become a God who loves some, and hates others… And that is not Jesus. It is complexed to the point, that we are afraid to mention him depending on our skin color or ideology, depending on the crowd we find ourselves in.

When in these crowds is where we are supposed to show simple love, like Jesus.

Jesus is not complicated….

As I have studied his word for most of my life,

I never found him to be anything but love.

I don’t know what color his skin was. But when I look in the mirror, he is there, inside my heart. That’s where I see him.

And in this life, I do my best with my flaws and imperfections, to love like him.

To love those who despise me

To forgive those who wish me harm or sin against me

To heal those who hurt with my human limitations until he decides to supernaturally intervene.

To be selfless not selfish.

To give more that I receive

To not judge or cast stones as he commands us

To be lights in someone’s darkest hour

I’m no Jesus by a long shot…

But how simply beautiful this nation and this world would be, if we just tried to imitate. him. Even if you don’t believe in him or worship him.

Maybe. Just maybe, we can all try to be…

Simply beautiful as human being as he was in the flesh

And as he is in the heavens as he continues to love on us in our complexities

Happy Easter to my fellow believers, and to all mankind. I love you all with the love of Christ.

It’s just that simple.

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