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Jan 22, 2019 · 4 min read
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When the holidays came, when time has come to unpack presents, DEOS Games team has been working for a long time to prepare for you some gifts in a face of Updated Cashback program and Ranks System!

So, let`s unpack your present together — !

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Cashback period starts on every Sunday 12:00 UTC till next 11:59 UTC Sunday! In other words, this is one week time period that begins on Sunday 12:00 UTC.

DEOS staking

Staking is available all the time, but if you stake after the start of CB period your stake will wait for the next period.

For example,

  • If you stake DEOS on Saturday, your stake will be included in cashback period which starts tomorrow
  • If you stake on Monday, you will need to wait till Sunday to start accumulate your cashback amount
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DEOS unstaking

Unstaking requires 24 Hours. If you sent request for Unstaking — you can`t cancel it, so be accurate with your choice.

If you unstake your DEOS, your accumulated cashback will disappear proportionally to unstaked DEOS amount.

For example,
You have 100K DEOS staked and you possess 0.5 EOS accumulated. If you unstake 50K DEOS — 0.25 EOS will disappear.

So, let me give you a piece of advice, if you will have a need to unstake— do it only after the Cashback period ends, when you`ll receive your deserved EOS.

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Separate page for Cashback program

For your comfort we made Cashback Program Page. There are 3 main sections:

Staking & Claim
You may see how much DEOS you staked and how much is waiting for the next period with percentage of total circulating supply. Of course, there is a quantity of accumulated EOS and stake menu.

Current Cashback Period
Current Cashback period shows you the amount of accumulated EOS for cashback and payout per 10K DEOS. Moreover, we`ve added for your information the graph, which presents how Cashback is divided between Pacific one and Combat. A little bit lower you may see the “Total estimated payout”.

Combat Cashback details
Combat Cashback details, which give you all the information about ranks, your current one and the progress bar, that shows you how much you need to wager to level up.


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Combat cashback suggests a bonus, that is paid for those DEOS holders, who staked DEOS and were playing DEOS Games during specific Cashback period.

The amount of Combat cashback is 20% of total Cashback amount.

You can obtain Combat cashback bonus by getting a rank, that is assigning according to your activity and DEOS staked amount:

  • Rookie: 0.05% of total bets in EOS to DEOS stake, 0.5x multiplier
    (e.g. if you staked 1M of DEOS into cashback, you will need to play for 500 EOS within current active cashback period to assign Rookie rank)
  • Soldier: 0.2%, 1.0x multiplier
  • Lieutenant: 0.5%, 1.5x multiplier
  • Captain: 0.7% of total bets in EOS to DEOS stake, 1.7x multiplier
  • Major: 1% of total bets in EOS to DEOS stake, 2x multiplier
  • Colonel: 3%, 3x multiplier
  • General: 5%, 5x multiplier

You may see your live progress here — !

Note. Bonus list might be updated by adding more bonus levels in the future.

So stay with us and follow us via Twitter, Reddit,Telegram, Steemit!

Play with us here —

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