Solving Allstate’s Insurance Liability problem for rideshare drivers

iD Lab DePaul University
Oct 13 · 2 min read
Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash


The Allstate Insurance Company, one of the largest American Corporations and a Fortune 500 company, provides insurance for a wide variety of purposes. Allstate Insurance is one of the most popular insurances in the market. Allstate offers insurance and product solutions to clients who may be working with ridesharing companies: the drivers.


A dilemma often faces drivers of services such as Uber, Lyft, Via and other ridesharing services who own Allstate insurance whenever an accident happens outside of their active time. Because drivers may not always be driving for ridesharing purposes when an accident occurs, there is often confusion over who is responsible for a vehicle’s insurance. Allstate saw an opportunity to provide more significant customer benefits through this process but needed new solutions and new insight.


Allstate Insurance and DePaul Innovation Development Laboratory (iD Lab) connected over this problem the company was having. We offered our services and suggested field research and prototyping for tackling this issue. For the first steps, we conducted research and fieldwork to generate ideas for developing solutions to aid Allstate. Then an iOS prototype was developed to collect mobile sensor data and digital fingerprints to analyze the data. Finally, we used predictive analytics to identify when rideshare drivers are engaged in personal versus rideshare driving.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


The solution we provided aided Allstate in identifying which insurance policies could apply during an incident with a rideshare driver. The application provided Allstate more transparency to vehicle accident information and insurance policy applications. The iOS app is in production since July 2017. Two major rideshare companies are waiting for the app to be available on the App Store.

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