Republican insider: Trump is creating Deep State 2.0, but it might crash the economy (EXCLUSIVE)
Nafeez Ahmed

A valuable contribution to meaningful discourse and putting recent developments into historical context. However, more fundamental than the Deep State is the dominant culture of materialism, exploitation, oppression, and expansionist growth. As Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed shows, the Deep Staters want to buy shoes for their kids and pay the mortgage. But insidiously, the exaggerated pursuits of the already “successful” — reflecting cultural values with no long-term future — dig our collective grave (which includes the many species rapidly going extinct). Collapse is guaranteed, largely by the ongoing and irreversible loss of ample, high net-energy reserves. What comes out the other side will be almost unrecognizable, as the Western Civilization model for society disintegrates. To see more, check out and “Like” Culture Change on FB.

— Jan Lundberg, independent oil industry analyst

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