StarShip NFT Game Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the StarShip NFT Game! You are almost ready to explore an exciting world, which is evolving every week. This article will help you to understand the basics of how you can start playing, exploring, claiming and of course…earning some money!

Before you start, you will need the following wallets to play the game:

The Metamask wallet is utilized for the $STARSHIP Governance token, whereas the WAX wallet is used for the in-game currency, $KYANITE, and NFTs associated with the Starship game. Both wallets are mandatory to play the game.

*Please note, that every game that utilizes the WAX network also requires some resources to function properly (which replace the fees you encounter on other blockchain networks) . When you stop playing StarShip you can unstake your $WAX for CPU and NET and resell the RAM.

So, which tokens do you need to play the game?

$STARSHIP: The table below gives you an overview of which ships you will receive, depending on the value of the $STARSHIP tokens (in USD) you have in your Metamask wallet. The rarity of your ships will regularly update ingame according to the value of your $STARSHIP holding. $STARSHIP isn’t required to start the game, but it is required to upgrade your fleet beyond the common rarity.

$KYANITE: You can passively earn a small amount of $KYANITE which you need to claim hourly (e.g. staking). The amount of $KYANITE you passively earn depends on the rarity of the NFTs equipped on your ships while being on a space station. However, if you want to make a quick start in order to mine $KYANITE on planets (which is much more profitable than staking), you can buy some $KYANITE on Alcor exchange to propel your ships! (e.g. 500–5000 $KYANITE to start depending on the ship rarity and staked NFTs)

Where can I buy both tokens?


  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Available on Pancakeswap DEX and Radioshack DEX
  • Contract address: 0x52419258e3fa44deac7e670eadd4c892b480a805
  • 10% Tax on each transaction (Buy / sell / transfer) : 5% goes to the Liquidity Pool / 5 % is redistributed among holders
  • Slippage 12%
  • > Buy here through <


  • WAX Blockchain
  • 10% Tax on each transaction (buy / sell / transfer / unstaking) : 7% Liquidity Establishment / 1% Marketing / 1% Game Development / 1% Operations & Salary
  • > Buy here on Alcor Exchange <

So, I bought the $KYANITE tokens, can I play now? Not yet, but almost!

What you now have is 3 ships and the in-game currency $KYANITE to send your ships into the StarShip universe. However, you need 11 NFT components per ship (i.e. 33 in total for your 3 ships) to send your ships around, because a ship without an engine will not fly, right? (a Ferrari with no engine looks cool, but won’t be getting you anywhere anytime soon).

So, you need to look at the “starshipnfts” collection on the AtomicHub marketplace to acquire the 11 NFT components for your ship :

> Buy here on AtomicHub <

When you navigate through the different NFT Components on the markets, you will see that they have various rarities (e.g. common, epic, legendary, etc.) As with all games, the higher rarity NFT components you have for your ships, the more Kyanite you will be able to farm, which means more earnings per day. If you are interested in the detailed description of all NFT components, which include formulas on your profit per rarity, please read through the StarShip Game Design Document.

Ok, I bought everything and am ready to go, so how do I connect to the game?

  1. Go to the game login page
  2. Sync up your metamask and wax cloud wallet to the game using the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button
  3. Login to the game using the “WAX LOGIN” button
  4. Here is a Gameplay video explaining how to connect to the game and the major features of the game

Ok, what can I do now in the game?

The game has been released currently in alpha, which gives you the following features right now:

  • Stake you NFTs on your ships and passively earn $KYANITE while your equipped ships are in the space station (need to be claimed hourly)
  • Explore planets and mine $KYANITE
  • Claim planets in the game with $KYANITE, which provide you a passive income per day (i.e. 5% of the $KYANITE mined each time someone decides to mine on your planets) and are tradable on AtomicHub

This is the start of the alpha game, and more features will be released in the forthcoming months. To get an overview of the roadmap, please have a look at the StarShip Game Design Document.

Sounds cool, but how do I now know which planets I should explore or claim? Do you have any tools that can help me?

Definitely! We have a very active community that supports new players with the game and have developed a couple of supporting tools. When you start, you can have a look to the following tools made by some of our community members to prepare your journey:

  • — This tool gives you an overview of the statistics of your ships based on the rarity and the NFT components you have bought. A summary of ship capacity, mining capacity, speed of ships, storage capacity and much more. You can use it to your advantage to find the sweet spot in the StarShip metaverse to gain the most profit based on your current ships
  • — This tool allows you to plan your missions according to your type of ships (e.g. rarity tier) and the NFTs equipped on them, as well as to evaluate and forecast your profits according to the values ​​taken from the GDD

Summarized, each tool gives you an overview of your Ship statistics and how much Kyanite you can earn per expedition. Pretty cool right?

DISCLAIMER : All mods or additional 3rd party tools are not created or endorsed by StarShip. That being said, we encourage our community to make use of these great resources which bring additional benefits to the game.

Also, as with all games our planets in the StarShip Universe have a specific rarity that contains a minimum/maximum pool of $KYANITE, refreshing every 24 hours. As a player you want to make sure that you send your ships to a planet with a high Kyanite pool, to avoid the risk of your ships arriving at a time when it was already depleted, due to miners from other planets. Please also have a look at the figure below that shows the rarity of planets.

Ok got it, ready to go, or? Yes, but please be aware of the following:

The game is currently in alpha, which means that the DEVs are continuously working to optimize the game based on the community feedback. This also means that sometimes you will notice bugs, or features that are not working completely as they should. The good news is that they will be fixed during the evolution of the game in the forthcoming weeks. *MECHANICS AND VALUES ABOVE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, AS THE GAME IS IN PHASE 1 ALPHA*

If you have encountered any bugs yourself, please report them to the developers in the official channel on Github.

You can also easily find help on our Telegram channel and Discord server.

You are now ready to go! Have fun and welcome to the StarShip Universe!




STARSHIP is a deflationary utility token, designed to reward community holding, based on the principles of redistribution, token burn, and liquidity acquisition

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STARSHIP is a deflationary utility token, designed to reward community holding, based on the principles of redistribution, token burn, and liquidity acquisition

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