On a Rainy Day

On a rainy day

After a hard day’s work

Sat myself down

With a bottle of rum

Then my girl came

And we made love

Best thing to do

After a hard day’s work.

Then i sat my ass down

And said a prayer

Went to sleep

Only to be awake later

With blood coming out of my eyes

Felt like I’m gonna die

Went to see the doctor next day

She said yes yes u son of a bitch you gonna die

your liver gone bad like ur tongue

Say your goodbyes soon son

Because you’ll be dead in a month

With my head down

I walked to my place

Where i found my girl in distress

She looked and then she hugged and cried

She said I’ll never leave you

I’ll always be a part of your life.

A week passed and liver took its toll

I told her to pack her bags and go

She held me tight and said

I’ll never let you go,

After couple of sickening nights

Woke up one morning

To find myself alone

She finally took my advice

Now she was gone.

And i knew just then am gonna die alone

I went to see my doctor again

To tell her this all is in vain

Give me some pills

And I’ll kill myself

And be done with this pain

She looked at me

And said sorry son we made a mistake

One drunken nurse switched the reports

Yours with a 80 year old man

You are fine, you can go

You just have a throat issue

Drink some warm water

And you’ll be good to go


So i won’t die alone, at least not now

Bewildered i ran from there

To tell my girl i was in the clear

Mid way i saw her at a coffee shop

With a guy and they holding hands

They saw me and off the hands went

She said she’ll come with me

I told her no need to disturb your plan

Was just getting my medication

And i’ll leave in a sec

She hugged me and said sorry

I looked in her beautiful eyes

And said no need to worry

Then i ran just ran from there

Went to my place, packed my bags

Changed my city

Threw away the drinks

Reminiscent of past

And i was done with that

There now, me walking in a strange city

With only one thing i can say with surety

Yes, yes I’m gonna die alone

I just hope it is with some peace

And to my girl i say

May she get what she wants

It is a long life (now i can say)and i really hope

It is me she wants

One day we’ll meet again

And on a rainy day

I will love her again

I really wanna love her again!!!

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