Dequant: Meet the first project focused on the security of masternodes with quantum technology, security at your fingertips

Welcome to our new blog for the DEQUANT project in which we will talk about any progress our project has, but this time we will make an introduction about our project and what we come to offer. Be aware that this will be the first of many publications that we will have about our project and how it is a great benefit that other projects have our services so welcome back.

day by day we see how more and more projects with blockchain technology come to light of which many have cases of impressive uses and that develop perfectly but there is something that many projects have not focused and we have, safety, a fundamental word not only in the world of technology blockchain but also in the common life because security gives our lives a greater comfort and be able to see things in a positive way but returning to the topic we want to talk about is that no other project has focused on safety and day to day we can see how projects have been attacked with hackers who damage the projects and that these basically attack their masternodes systems so we have developed our project to help masternodes holders to protect them with a novel system that has a lot of time that surely never imagined, the quantum technology system something that is complex and that is very well seen worldwide so we have decided to include this and develop our project with this case of use but first many of you do not know that is the cauntica technology so let’s start with a bit of theory.

What is quantum technology and what would it do for security?

Computers currently work in bits. Traditional computing is conditioned by the amount of information that can be contained in these binary chains of zeros and ones. This also implies a limitation in computing that puts a series of technological obstacles and several limits to what we can do.

But what if we extended this binary limit? The cubits, which constitute the computing unit in these systems, not only consist of two values, but they can employ a kind of quantum states that include the superposition of these binaries.

In other words, the cubits can adopt a value of 0, 1, 0 and 1 at the same time and other superimposed values. This is produced solely and exclusively by the characteristics of quantum physics. And what it allows is, with the appropriate adaptations, to multiply the computational capacity to solve certain tasks impossible to deal with in other ways.

can deny that the future of computation passes through the characteristics of quantum mechanics, the science that studies the infinitely small part of physics. However, it seems difficult to understand that the sector that has the most to gain from quantum computing is precisely that of security.

Quantum encryption is a cryptographic system that takes advantage of several of the properties of quantum mechanics to transmit messages securely. In fact, it is the safest form known to date.

First, if a third party intercepted the information during the creation of the secret key, the process itself would be altered, so the system would reveal the intruder before any information is transmitted.

Second, quantum cryptography employs another property called interlacing that can be used to transmit information securely and without a means of transmission, so there is no way for an information leak to occur because of channel failure.

Now you can see that all this if we add to the great system of masternodes would give a good point of a use case which will bring many benefits for all projects, this has never been seen before DEQUANT has come to solve this and also has its own currency.

Problems and solutions offered by DEQUANT

  • Quantum computing will present major security risks, as decrypting today’s computer communication will no longer be a challenge
  • Email account passwords, bank accounts, the security of today’s systems have to be completely questioned. Therefore, this revolutionary technology also puts cybersecurity in the forefront.
  • Solve this problem with a quantum computer to protect all masternodes
    Quantum offers us a powerful mechanism. There is still no coin to protect your masternodes on a quantum level.
  • Within the framework of complexity theory, algorithmic problems are assigned to so-called complexity classes. The most well-known and important representatives are the P an NP classes. Where P denotes those problems whose solution can be calculated deterministically in terms of the input length of the polynomial propagation time. PN has problems for which there are solution algorithms that are non-deterministically polynomial. Non-determinism allows to test different possibilities at the same time. Since our current computers are deterministic, non-determinism must be simulated by sequencing the different possibilities by which the polynomiality of the solution strategy can be lost.
  • First currency focused on security for masternodes with quantum technology that has its own blockchain.
  • Possibility of generating passive income with our masternodes and proof of stake system
  • DEQUANT adds to the type of QUARK algorithm which is characteristic in these times for being a currency that colloquially call ecological since its mining system helps the ecosystem and in itself helps that it does not need those expensive equipment and that they spend a lot electricity.
  • 100% decentralized project
  • MAX coin supply considerable so that the high supply types give stability to projects since we can have project for a long time.

Let’s talk about the currency

As we can show our project is focused in its highest percentage to the rewards of the masternode but still we demonstrate where the funds raised for the project are being focused, as you can see throughout the project, we have done enough enlisting in exchanges and marketing for the project and we will continue to do so until we reach our goal of taking our road map to the letter. We only have 15% of payments to the team and 2% that we will donate to an organization for development.




Discord and DEQUANT

Why do we talk about that? day by day we can see how discord chat has become something indispensable for cryptocurrency projects since it is the main means of communication par excellence of the moments between a project, investors and community with the team in the case of DEQUANT you will have the support of our team which is to give you the best advice on our project so you can enter our server which we left at the end of the post and you can ask all your questions about our wonderful project.

Well friends, this has been the first post about our project. Stay tuned for future updates that we will have published in future blogs, we would like you to think about our project and our great use case, which is the most important security for the masternodes with the quantum technology so tell us what you think! Thank you for reading.

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