Wine Reviews — May 2016 Edition

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May was especially great as we visited many wineries during the Open Winery weekend in Heilbronn (read our story here — with links to all the wineries) and the season of the wine festivals and winefests has begun. This gave us the opportunity to taste and buy quite a variety of wines and we will share more of the wines soon.

Weingut Albrecht-Gurath

Äußere Mausklinge 2–74074 Heilbronn

2015 Samtrot Rosè Kabinett Heilbronner Stiftsberg

Samtrot is a grape varietal very typical of the Heilbronn region, and to be honest a very modest, often time too sweet, wine is made with it. This new interpretation as a Rosé on the other side is fresh and has the right balance of fruit and sweetness to make it the perfect summer wine. It’s very light color enhances the lightness you feel in your mouth and the only thing you have to stay alert is to not drink it too quickly. 
Rating: 4/5 — Price: 6 Euro
Recommended by WineWonder Germany

2013 Cabernet Dorsa -S- tocken

A full bodied wine with light wood notes and still a great potential to ripe. It has a warm finish and notes of black berries and pepper. Cabernet Dorsa, a relatively new grape developed by the LVWO-Weinsberg (the state wine institute of Baden-Württenberg) which is helps bring very structured and deep wines to cooler climates. Great value for the price. Rating: 4/5 — Price: 10.80 Euro
Recommended by WineWonder Germany

Weingut Graf von Bentzel Sturmfeder

Sturmfederstraße 4 — D 74360 Schozach

2012 Schozach Spätburgunder trocken **

An elegant Pinto Noir, with black currant, strong nose and smooth finish. It’s darker than many Pinot Noir I’ve tasted. Very easy to drink with your meal but also perfect as a meditation wine, without the overpowering qualities of some other strong red wines. Almost a steal for the price — highly recommended.
Rating: 5/5 — Price: 8.9
Recommended by WineWonder Germany

Lauffener Weingenossenschaft
Käsbergkellerei Mundelsheim

Im Brühl 48–74348 Lauffen

2015 Käsbergkeller Grauburgunder QbA trocken

This Pinot Gris doesn’t fulfill it’s promise, we had to make a Spritz out of it.
Rating: 2/5 Price: 5.20 Euro

2015 Lauffener Schwarz/Weiss QbA trocken

Quite some acidity in this blend but quite bland. Easy to drink and not offensive, but nothing exiting.
Rating: 3/5 Price: 4.30 Euro

2015 Mundelsheimer Acolon Rosé QbA trocken

Nice Rosé with higher acidity than most and notes of blackberry that give an interesting spin.
Rating: 3.5/5 Price: 4.70 Euro
Recommended by WineWonder Germany

2015 Mühlbacher Muskattrollinger Rosé QbA trocken

Fresh and sweet Rosé ideal for an afternoon on the porch. Not as complex as the other Rosés we tried, but still a good value for the price.
Rating: 3/5 Price: 4.70 Euro

2015 Lauffener Poet Rosé “August Lämmle” trocken

A Rosé with some character, medium body (for a Rosé), a few green notes and the nose is very similar to a Silvaner.
Rating: 3.5/5 Price: 6.90 Euro

Staatsweingut Weinsberg

Traubenplatz 5 (Directions address: “Haller Strasse 6”) — 74189 Weinsberg

2014 Sie & Er trocken

A powerful blend of Pinot Noir, Acolon and Cabernet Dorsa. Smooth and with a long finish. Full of energy and warmth. A lot of berries and a good structure. A great wine for a very affordable price.
Rating: 4/5 Price: 7.50 Euro 
Recommended by WineWonder Germany

Weingut Erich Hirth

Löwensteiner Straße 76–74182 Obersum-Willsbach

2015 Muskattrollinger Rosé

A nice Rosé with herbal notes. Fresh and not too pink. We had notes of apricot and we would recommend this wine also as a companion to a light summer dinner.
Rating: 3/5 Price: 6.95 Euro

Weingut Zipf

Vorhofer Str.4–74245 Löwenstein

2015 Geschwisterliebe Rosé ***

A little bit sweeter Rosé which fits well into the drink pink season we are going into right now. It is more complex than many Rosés but maintains it’s freshness.
Rating: 3.5/5 Price: 8 Euro

Weingut Koppenhöfer

Sulmstrasse 40
74245 Löwenstein-Rittelhof

2013 Cabernet Mitos

There are only around 800 acres of this grape in existance and the almost black red wine with strong notes of dark fruit and a bit wild. This wine was still a bit too fresh, but I also find that this grape is better suited for blends. It is so intense that drinkung it by himself is a bit much.
Rating: 3/5 Price: around 12 Euro

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Our wine tasting notes are also send out to our subscribers to the WineWonder Germany Wine Picks Mailing List — don’t miss them and join now for free.

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