UX Design Managers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Matthew Weprin - UX

Thank you for that article! ☺ May I append..?

Yet another childhood story

What came into my mind where several soccer coaches whom I’ve got to know in my childhood.

The bad ones

  • Primarily interested in getting the scores, no matter what cost
  • Lack of interest in his team members’ well being, both physically and mentally #empathy
  • Not having an idea how to motivate his members (especially during bad moments in a match) due to a lack of proper connection to the individual players
  • ..

The good ones

  • Truly Leading the team instead of Bossing around
  • Knowing each and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and figuring out how to integrate those into the collective to finally generate the best possible outcome
  • Seeing and communicating “the team” as more than just the players on the field but also those at the substitute’s bench, physiotherapists, water boys and with all due respect - the soccer mom’s. #holisticperspective
  • ..
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