Profane Desire

Eyes full of life, heart full of vigour
My heart leapt at the hearing of thy voice
Like a god of perfection, he stood tall
Everything he did spoke an aura of mystery
His absence, I felt more than others' presence
Yet I quavered when he stood by my side
As insane and unthinkable it seemed
I took delight in the sacred creation of God
My dark secret dwelled silently within me
As it was against the ethics and doctrines
To feel such naked desire for the religious
Forbidden it was, forbidden it'll always be
Though a scandal, unacceptable by the holy brotherhood
I accept the price of such passion
But I am reminded by a sober spirit
To hold this paroxysm, for the love of the anointed
I shall not tell him the extent of my love
For it would ruin me eternally
To watch him leave, with such knowledge
Of abominable emotions harboured inside me
But the pain of remembrance, comes with his name
Hurt from infatuations never fade
For memoirs of his face, I'd never try to erase
The pleasure of such pain, not loss but gain
I must return to receive absolute pardon
I must beg for thy divine forgiveness
But the fact dwell in perpetuity
Always to remember, never to forget
I fell in love with a servant of God
I fell in love with His High Priest
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