Yaaay. It’s a new year Folks

Today is the 1st of January, 2018 and you are going to wake up (assuming you slept at all) to a great number of congratulatory wishes felicitating with you for conquering the apparently insurmountable obstacle that was the year 2017, and coming through scathed or unscathed into the new year.

Earlier today, on the stroke of midnight, lovers embraced each other and partook in delicate consensual exchanges of saliva and some other body fluids. Strangers on the road stopped their normal businesses for a few minutes and hugged other strangers, whispering sweet nonsense into their ears and patting them on the back, all the while comfortable with the knowledge that they would never see each other again, or recognise or acknowledge one another if fate ever made their paths cross.

But taking a step back from all the excitement, and the number of animals whose lives will come to abrupt ends, nothing much has changed. You are still the same person you were at 23:59:59 on the 31st of December.
 You however have a chance to make the next 365 days count, and that is by setting goals that are specific, measurable, realistic and time bound. 
Do away with those unreasonable resolutions that have never brought you lasting results and write your goals down.

When you have a list of your goals, take each goal and write out a sequence of steps which would lead you from where you are now to your goal. An example of this is:

Goal: I want to lose 5Kg before the 30th of June.

1) I am going to buy sportswear.
2) I am going to buy headphones so I can listen to music while I exercise.
3) I am going to subscribe to a gym.
4) I am going to run 2000m everyday between the 1st of January and 31st of January.

If you are a massive procrastinator like me, or you find that you are very easily distracted (also like me), share your goals and your plan to achieve them with your close family, friends and mentors. This way you make yourself accountable to your loved ones, and it might provide extra motivation(or irritation) when you are lagging behind.

Also surround yourself with people who either have the same goals as you do, or have conquered the obstacles you are about to take on.

Finally, remember each journey begins with a step, and each great building was erected one block at a time. So always dream big, but start small. Little victories release feel-good hormones which then motivates you to achieve more. This is science.

Now, as I focus wholly on devouring innocent animals that died for my pleasure, I enjoin you to aim high, shoot low, bring your targets down to their knees, then obliterate them.

Happy new year guys. I wish you a 2018 filled with many triumphs.

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