The Mad Stats behind the 2017 UCL Final

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The 2017 UEFA Champions League final to be played in Cardiff will be the 19th meeting between Juventus and Real Madrid — all in the European Cup — and there is virtually nothing between the sides. Both clubs have eight wins and two draws, with Juve scoring 21 goals to Madrid’s 18.

Now the above para may seem that the tie is leaning toward Juve a little bit, but just to put things into a broader perspective this is going to be Madrid’s 15th final in the history of UCL; most by any team. Juventus will be gracing the finals for the 9th time.

Let’s take a deep dive into their UCL history

Out of the 14 finals for Madrid have been in, they’ve been champions 11 times. Let me put that again just so it sinks. They’ve been Champions of Europe 11 times. 11 fucking times. Most by any club in the history of UCL. There are many clubs in Europe that haven’t won that many league titles.

Their opponents in the semi-finals this season Athletico Madrid — have won the La Liga 10 times and never won the Champions League. That is the kind of audacity that Madrid boss around in the UCL.

Juventus in the Serie A are the most decorated club in the league’s history winning the Scudetto 32 times and on course of winning it a 33rd time this year. But when it comes to Europe, Juventus become a dull and a shadow of the side that they’re in the league. AC Milan has won the Champions League it 7 times making them the most dominant Italian team in Europe..

Juventus have won the UCL 2 times having played in 8 finals. Juventus are stuck with a bitter record in the UCL of being the only team to lose 6 finals. An even bitter record that holds against them is that they’re the first team to lose back to back finals in the history of the cup. Man!

Madrid have lost 3 finals and those losses came before the millennium. They’re last loss in a Champions League final was in 1981 against Liverpool (haha). 35 years today, they’ve been in the final 5 times and won all 5. Barcelona, they’re love lost rivals in the league and Europe have won 5 Champions league titles in total.

Madrid have faced Juventus in the finals only once and won it. They had beaten a Juventus side; a side that consisted with the likes of Zidane, Del Piero and Inzaghi, a side who had the reached the finals of the UCL back to back to back. 3 times in a row. The first and only team to do so in the UCL history. A side that was then considered the best club team in the world. Madrid had beaten them.

Note: The branding from European Cup to Uefa Champions League had changed in 1992–93 season.

Madrid then went on to win 2 more UCL titles in the next 4 years whereas Juventus then featured in an immaculate final loss against bitter rivals AC Milan in the 2003–04 season.

Madrid went on a barren run after the win in 2002 for 12 years in the UCL to win their Decima (10th title)

Juventus got scrambled in a massive scandal that got them relegated to the 2nd tier (Serie B) of the league.

However, with time everything changed. Madrid overcame a deficit of 1 goal to win the Champions League in 2014 and 2016 (The latter being won on penalties after a 1–1 draw)

Juventus got promoted to the Serie A. Rebuilt the team and clawed their way back at the European front and reached the final in 2015, only to lose it to a rampant Barcelona side. This will be Juventus’ 2nd final in 3 years, something that has not happened in 19 years. That’s got to be a good sign.

The most damning and emotional stats of the UCL this year

  • Real Madrid have never reached back to back finals in UCL history. The last time they reached the finals back to back was in 1959–60
  • No team in the UCL history has won back to back titles. The last team to win back to back European titles was AC Milan in ’89 and ’90
  • Juventus have played 51 matches against Spanish clubs winning 21 of them and scoring 68 goals
  • Real Madrid on the other hand have played 63 matches against Italian team winning 29 and scoring 92 goals
  • Juventus and Madrid have faced each other 18 times with both winning 8 games a piece
  • However, when it comes to knockout matches, Madrid has a hand over Juventus winning 7 times
  • If Juventus win the UCL this year, they’ll be tied for titles won with Manchester United and Inter Milan
  • The team playing as the home team have a 14–10 advantage when it comes to winning the final since the re-branding to UCL
  • Buffon will get the only thing missing in his trophy cabinet if Juventus win this year’s UCL
  • Ronaldo will be tied with Messi for Champions League winners medal if Madrid win the UCL this year. 4
  • If Madrid lose the final this year, it will be the second time that Ronaldo has featured in back to back finals only to lose both of them
  • Gareth Bale could become the first Welsh player to win 3 UCL titles if Madrid win it this year

Madrid definitely are different beast when it comes to Champions League and they most definitely have history on their side after winning the title last year and looking most closely to be the best side to win back to back UCL titles. If there’s anyone that could defy the odds when it comes to Champions League, Madrid most likely are the team.

But then again, the same was said about Manchester United in 2009 when they faced Barcelona and looked like the team to win on that day, only to be outsmarted by Barca at the end. That day marked a grave history in UCL, Manchester United and English football.

Juventus after being relegated were in dismay, but the heart they showed in getting themselves back up after all their players parted ways after the scandal is marvelous and arguably the best comeback in history. Things look brighter for a Juventus that is drilled with passion and love for the old lady. They would definitely want to tick a box for a champions league win this year. It’s been 19 years since they last won it.

Juventus could be on the brink of history if they manage to win Coppa Italia and the Champions League. A win in both these cups would win them the Treble and only the 2nd Italian team to do so. The first was Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan.

Buffon only has the Champions League winners medal missing from his closet of glitter. A win in Cardiff would be a fitting end for the evergreen Buffon. Would he get it?

Madrid winning the UCL this year would be yet another record of 12 times. Ronaldo would win it for the 4th time and tie himself up with Messi and probably to an ever greater status, but no Ballon D’or winner has ever won the Champions League back to back.

Zidane after getting the job at Real Madrid has normalized activities after an uncontrollable tenure during Rafa Benitez. Zidane became the first French manager to win the Champions League. Allegri on the other hand has already won everything with Juventus albeit the Champions League. They came close in 2015 but were not able to cross the line.

Whoever wins, Zidane and Allegri will become the most sought after managers for the top clubs.

This probably is gearing up to be one the most statistically drafted Champions League finals with mouth watering battles. Juventus’ defence versus Madrid’s BBC. Juventus looking to avenge their final loss to Madrid in ’98 and Madrid pilling on yet another trophy for the Bernabeu. Who wins!?

All information was gathered from Wikipedia and Uefa

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