Delroy Bosco
Jan 27, 2016 · 1 min read

I used to always wonder (as a kid) when my mom popped the word “Soap Opera”. Why soap opera? It could’ve been named anything else in the world, but why soap!?

Well, I really didn’t ask my mom about it and I didn’t take out any time to find out why do people call it Soap Opera.

Somehow while reading an article on Content Marketing by Neil Patel, he in his usual style answered my question that was left unaided for so many years.

“The first soap opera aired in 1930. It was called “Painted Dreams” and ran on the radio. 5 days per week, in the morning and early afternoon. (Primary audience: housewives.)

The open-ended shows, which often presented a cliffhanger at the end of each episode showed very dramatic elements, previously only known from opera plays.

While listening to the show, most of the housewives cleaned their houses. Naturally, the commercial industry jumped aboard the ship and, you guessed it, aired soap commercials in show breaks.”

And the name stayed, Soap Operas.

P.S — This is my first Medium article and I’m glad to get that itch out of my hand. Hopefully I’ll not end up writing only TIL’s

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Weird sense of humor. Photo-Phobic. Noob Writer. Loves Manchester United.

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