Star Pass Jamboree Hoedown 2000

You’re stuck in the pack. Your pivot is close. Maybe you could pass them the star! Then they would be the jammer and you would be FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

But wait… Is it strategic?

On first pass, earning lead jammer is goal number one. But if the opposing jammer gets lead first, getting the star out of the pack is the priority. Think of it as getting the star out rather than springing your jammer — whatever works fastest to minimize the time the other team can score.

Behold! Star Pass: The Flow Chart.

Who Am I?

Lead jammer: You are amazing! You did the thing! Now keep the hat on and score the points. Do not take the hat off. If you do that, you lose lead status and with it the ability to call the jam. Maybe you don’t wanna jam anymore. That’s ok! Call the jam.

Not lead jammer: If you’re on your initial pass, aren’t lead, and lead is closed, take off that star! Stash it, pass it, do whatever it takes to get it out of the pack.

If you could still snag lead, don’t take it off. Removing the star while lead’s still open forfeits your ability to earn lead and the power to end the jam. This upsets Justice Feelgood Marshall. Please don’t do that.

JFM, coiner of the name “Star Pass Jamboree Hoedown 2000,” upset.

Am I Scoring?

Scoring points rules! You can only score points if you’’re wearing the special star hat. When you’re not wearing the star, you don’t score points. So scoring passes aren’t the ideal time to remove the star even if you’re having a tough time.

What If I’m Dying/My Skate Breaks/I’ve Gone to the Box Twice Now

Gah! That’s not on the flow chart! PANIC! No, don’t. It’ll be ok.

Are you lead? Call it off.

No? Just pass the star. Make sure you and your pivot are both in bounds, upright, and in play. Ain’t nobody got time for a jammer penalty. Except the other team.

How to Drill Star Passes

Like anything else, you’ll only dominate a star pass strategy with focused practice.

Take It Off: Here’s one way to practice making star passes or stashes automatic.

Set up some configuration of roller derby skaters on the track. Maybe it’s a start, or perhaps it looks like this:

Goal 1 is to earn lead jammer. This scenario will allow for some randomness in which team’s jammer gets out first. For the sake of the drill, that jammer will be considered lead.

Then, for the team whose jammer is not lead, the goal becomes getting the star out of the pack as quickly as possible. As soon as lead is awarded, the non-lead jammer removes their hat and aims to pass it to the pivot or escape the pack as quickly as possible. The best place for the pivot to take the pass is at the top of the pack, so they can run away without dealing with opponents in front of them.

Ideally, they succeed and set up for defense. If they fail to get the star out before the lead jammer makes their way around, prioritize reforming the defense. The drill ends when the second star exits the engagement zone, or 2 min, whatever happens first.

Star Pass Jamboree Hoedown 2000: Practice making and guarding star passes. Use communication to stay organized and calm.

Star Pass Jamboree Hoedown 2000 is a lot like roller derby, except:

1. Holding the star makes you active jammer. You don’t actually have to put it on your head.

2. There is no such thing as an illegal star pass. Anybody can become jammer, and can receive the star in any method.

3. Each team must pass the star at least once during each pass.

All jams go 2 minutes. Regular penalties apply. Have fun!

Jamboree Hoedown Image Search. Terrifying. Thanks, Disney.