No Greater Power Than Doing

We underestimate the power of doing at our own peril. There’s more than enough time in a 24 hour day to work about 18 hours. The problem is that we like to relax for most of the 18 hours because we’re probably doing a job we don’t like. The frustration of doing what we don’t like makes us want to relax after a ‘hard day’s work’. In 18 hours a lot could be accomplished if we’re doing what we love, if we are creating purpose. The purpose of life is to create purpose. The process of creating purpose is only meaningful if we’re creating our real purpose.

Doing is the only variable we can control. The other many variables are not in our direct control. We can only control what we do. This is why doing is the ultimate but to support our plan to implement, we need to come up with a todo list. The list should consist of tasks which are doable. Something which will not cause us to procrastinate. Without a todo list, we fall victim to serial consumption of content. Social media platforms have made it very easy to consume content. The amount of content distribution is just staggering. Content distribution means producing content on one platform then redistribute the content on other social media platforms.

Without a plan, we could scroll down and click to consume content all day long. Great content. There’s a selection of text, audio, and video. Even games.

Social media is about attention arbitrage. You can’t get your content consumed if you first don’t get the attention. Once you have the attention, the next stage is making sure that you provide compelling value because consumers have given you their time. Time is the currency.

Every time you click to read, listen and/or watch, your attention has been won. We apparently now have the attention span of just 8 seconds down from about 12 seconds. Everyone is fighting for your attention. Those who are doing and telling their stories get more attention. Authenticity wins over content as we wish it to be. If you authentically tell your stories, then you will gain traction from people who share similar stories.

Doing is the activity which allows you to get the attention and to give value for time.

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