Watch What I Do Not What I Say

Don’t Tell Me Show Me

I have been talking to various people and advising on a range of issues. Although they agreed with me, there was always the question: have you done it yourself. There are two ways of looking at this. Either that I’m a thought leader or I should stop talking only, but also start doing. It is for the second reason that I’m writing a minimum one thousand words a day. I remain a thought leader, but I also develop a different kind of authenticity from those who pay attention to my ideas. I privately advise some people at no cost, and I emphasise on implementation. The natural thing for me to do is to go practical on the things that I discuss. It makes more credible to practice what I preach. Credibility is one of the new currencies.

Doable Writing Goal

I’ve been a freelance writer for a while. I consider myself writer because I can just decide to write and produce quite a lot in a short time. For the past ten days, I’ve been writing a thousand words a day. Not that a thousand is a lot, but that I set a daily goal which I find very comfortable to implement. On one of the days, I wrote two thousand words because I was behind. I had been rushed the previous day and was just too tired at the end of it. I was able to recover and stay on course. That’s an important fact. The advantage of such a small commitment is that you quickly get a book done.

My Message Is Consistent

My theme and my message are consistent in all my writings. I talk about implementing whatever you want to focus on, that which makes you happy. Writing and speaking make me happy. I can do it all day. Some people think I should go into media. I think everyone is already a Media Company. They’re just not working hard at it. No one will tell your stories better than you. Whoever tells your story controls your past and your future. Yesterday I watched a video where Akon was talking about the need to tell positive stories about Africa. That’s part of the reason that I think writing and recording audio and video is an excellent way to contribute to the rebranding of Africa.

Watch What I Do

I have just made my to do list much longer to accommodate my beliefs. There’s nothing that I preach that I do not or can not do. It is all doable. The reason I’m doing this is to give serious people the practical evidence that they need to get started. Since I’m writing, I can communicate about writing on social media platforms. And that’s what I’m doing. Social media is people. People love stories. The human mind is a story processing organ. We cannot compare the function of the human brain to that of a computer. A computer is just a calculator. The human mind is an extrapolation organ. We extrapolate into the future and decide to implement or to abandon a plan because the extrapolation informs us that we are going to fail. Extrapolating breeds procrastination. We need to hack the natural inclination of the mind to extrapolate and procrastinate or abandon plans. The antidote to procrastination is a to do list with simple daily tasks. When repeated, these tasks become second nature and not chores.

Question What I Say

What we say is usually contextual. Breaking news enthusiasts then take those words and manipulate the context to suit their agenda. That’s why you need to question what I say to put it in the correct context. I think our reliance on a foreign language has become an obstacle in understanding one another. Some of the discussions we have become arguments and eventually quarrels because we begin to question the understanding of key concepts and definition of words. People become annoyed with each other over petty issues due in part to the use of a foreign language.

The challenge these days is that the internet has opened up the possibilities of content creation to anybody with a smartphone and a web connection. Anybody can record anything anywhere. So we are overwhelmed with an abundance of content. There are some mediocre content producers and some excellent ones. The best content always wins. The problem is that there is too much brilliant content. We could spend our whole lives just consuming it but what would be the point of that? It would steal all our time needed to create our purpose in life. Our aim in life is to build relevance. Remember that. You create your own goals and your future. The future belongs to those who create it, and the past belongs to those who tell their own stories. If you control the past, you also control the future. The present is where implementation is the name of the game.

Stop listening too much and just watch what people do. Their deeds are more telling than their words. We can all build mansions in the sky and live happily ever after but it is the doer who wins. The implementers have created the goods and services that we all use. While the talkers talked the walk; the implementors walked the talk. We remember the wins and the winners and not the failures. Watch the implementors more than the talkers. Remember the speaker can even monetize their talking, but you’re just the consumer. You are paying for entertainment. Even when you believe you’re consuming for free, you’re paying with your time. Time is the new currency. The internet just made time more expensive because it has become more scarce. Time is subject to the same rules of scarcity, supply and demand. Start producing content today!

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