To understand anything you need to start asking question. When you do, you will be surprised at many of the assumptions that you have made in the past. For example, why is money in short supply in some places but not in others? What is money anyway?

Even without answers…

What are you selling? That’s the question you should answer every mornin. What have you sold today? That’s the question at the end of the day. These questions will change your focus to the activities which matter.

When you go to work, you’re selling your time, skills, and expertise, to the employer. The employer needs you because they have to do something else. They outsource labour and you fit the bill.

Think about what you’re selling. You will change your focus. If you don’t sell, you don’t get paid. If you sell a mediocre product or service, you’re paid what you deserve.

The #internet has allowed us to outsource #information and #memory. There are many things we don’t need to remember anymore because they’re just a smartphone away, even without an internet connection. The #iphonexs has a maximum 512GB of memory. Our brains have been freed to focus on more creative activities than memorising stuff. This is why I think #education needs a total overhaul as a matter of urgency. We’re teaching for exams instead of the skills needed to solve real-life problems.

How does #facebook work? Is it #free? What’s in it for them but more importantly, what’s in it for #you? How about the #time you spend #scrolling or #debating? Is it worth it? Do you sometimes feel it’s time wasted? How can you use Facebook more effectively?

It has to…

I love getting feedback concerning my posts on several #media platforms. I’ve even stopped calling it #socialmedia because it has transformed into actual media within a very short space of time. A few people are positioning themselves to win the battle for #attention by producing great #content. For me, great feedback helps me to create great content, which is why I respond to every comment because I have time. There will come a time when I will no longer be able to do that. My advice is watch what I’m doing and copy whatever you want to copy. I’m giving all of #advice away for #free.

Are we alone in the #universe? Is there #life on other #planets? If so, what could it look like? #science #physics

#socialmedia platforms have transformed into #newmedia. Your number one goal on social media is reputation management. Being dishonest is a bad idea because there are people who know you and who will call you out if you do. Once your reputation is damaged, it is difficult to rebrand unless you are open about your damaged reputation and your efforts to rebrand. If you turn your troubles into a story, it is a more compelling proposition and will make for great content. Content will get you the attention.

A friend asked me this question: how do I grow my #brand? The simple answer is that you grow your brand by producing #content. But what is content? In this day of social media platforms, content means #blogging, #podcasting, and #vlogging. If you can write then blog if you can…

One of my comments on a thread on Facebook:

People were more equal before we invented money 💰 as a fiat currency. Batter trade was better but difficult in situations where change was needed or the example where we wanted to use goats 🐐 to pay 💰 for school fees…

Dereck Tafuma

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