Finding Your Target Audience

Want to know how to position your content so your ideal person finds it?

Questions About How To Start Your Blog?

If you have zero technology skills don’t worry there are plenty of resources out there that are available to you to get your blog setup up and running quickly. You can use a service like to outsource the things you are not good at. I have used fiverr myself and have gotten great results. Just make sure you use someone with a high rating for best results. The main point is don’t let your lack of technology skills stop you from moving forward in any aspects of your business.

If you are a do it yourself type person you might want to check out this course I used to build this exact blog. It’s a step by step guide even if you have little to no technology skills that shows you from start to finish on how to create your blog. I will be doing blog review of this course soon so make sure you put your name and best email in the form on the top right of my blog so you are notified as soon as it comes out.

What The Heck Do I Write About?

It’s very easy to come up with content that you know inside and out but doing it this way can lead you down a rabbit hole, here’s why. If you just create content for anybody chances are you will attract nobody. You must speak directly to the person viewing that blog post or video. This is a very powerful mlm prospecting tip if done right. Find out what keeps them up at night, solve their problems with your content. Some ways you can get it your target markets head is buy visiting forums they hang out at. All kinds of questions are asked on a daily basis that you could create content around and if they are taking the time to post it in a group they more than likely have posted it into a search engine. That’s why keyword research is important. Check out this free training on keyword research.

If you would like more free training like this head on over to my blog at and put your name and best email to be notified of when I release new content.

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