My Tweetstorm About Fascism

If your strategy against fascism is branding them evil, may be true, but doesn’t help.

If you’re concerned about fascism, address ideological r. d’etre with thoughtful rhetoric. but u don’t have to tolerate hateful idiots

Fascism is a response to existential threats. Your concerns are real. Question is “what do you want from this?”

Racism represents confusion about the basis of your identity. You should be concerned about your culture, not your features!

If you can identify with your features positively that’s great, u can learn to like being white, goofy looking vitamin D mongers!

Your features are part of your physical identity, but your values are what make your moral identity. Your moral identity is being threatened

But your moral identity is in crisis because you don’t really know what you stand for value wise, hate is not a value, privilege not either.

Privilege in general is not bad, but if you can’t keep your moral identity when privilege is lost, your sense of self is weak and fragile.

How can you create a resilient powerful self? It comes with how you respond to challenges to your identity. Persisting shows strength.

Sometimes your only choice that will let you survive is keeping your values in the face of a hostile world.

Jewish culture has exemplified this for a long time. If your own foundation of self is weak, jealousy might inspire persecution.

Now, that’s not to say there’s not plenty to criticize about political actions done in the name of jewish values. But policy is the issue.

Attacking a group of people based on their identity is exactly what you’re feeling threatened by. Why turn that around on *jews?


[* or any other group for that matter]

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