Man. For someone whose avatar is the ying/yang symbol, you certainly don’t know the first thing…
arthur lecuyer

Artie…you’re a walking contradiction. Look, I understand that for many white men, co-signing the words of a ditzy blond white woman, like this Svetlana, Megan Kelly, or Tomi Lahren, gives you this false feeling of comfort that somehow the woman might smile at you, or blow kisses at you, or whatever sick, perverted fantasy that exists in your twisted mind. But…not all of us desire that, and some of us can think clearly on many issues.

I’m going to go so far and call you out as a bit of fool here. As a white man, you assume arrogance and power to tell me about some false narrative that Blacks have, yet in the same comment you put forth this insightful rabble:

“ What you seem to not grasp is that blacks are no more knowledgeable about what any particular white person thinks or feels then those people know about themselves.”

So….let me make sure I understand you…Your whiteness somehow gives you power to judge, think for, and choose for me what I should think, yet my Blackness makes me somehow clueless not only to how white people think, but how Black people think as well???? Are you really this ignorant, or are you just star struck by the words and photo of a woman with no knowledge of American history or race relations because she hasn’t live the American experience? I slammed her because she has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s part of your right-wingnut ideology, and she’s spouting off a bunch of garbage that she’s probably pulled off of some white nationalistic web site. Probably just like you did. My guess is that you are used to being in a position, or dealing with subservient people-of-color, and the idea that one of us talks back, hurts your fragile ego a little. Well, it’s a new day…

Help yourself here. Get an education. And…more importantly, unless you come to first listen and understand…don’t address someone with pompous ignorant arrogance that has lived an experience that you will never have to, with judgments and stupidity.

Thanks for playing!