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Asking and expecting these players to tank at this point in the year, for the sake of a few percentage points, is beyond ridiculous. We’ve spent the last four years tanking. We’re not the Clippers. To take on a tanking/losing mentality goes against what the Lakers franchise has been about. We’ve had three years of high draft picks and we are still waiting for things to work out for us. There’s no guarantee that one pick this year will put us over the top. We have a good young team, with some pretty decent bench players. What the team needs to focus on right now is not losing or letting go of potentially good players so that we can keep some crappy ones. Think about the decent players we let go that brought a lot of energy: Kent Bazemore, Ed Davis, Trevor Ariza. Now think about the ones we held onto longer than most teams would: Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson. Our problem has been bad choices by management and poor evaluation of our roster. Currently, there’s no way I would let Tarik Black and Thomas Robinson go. It’s hard to find bench players that bring that much energy and are willing to do the dirty work. If you have seen Robinson get physical with Blake Griffin, you know that we potentially have our enforcer in him. Why he sat on the bench game after game is beyond me. Tarik Black hustles harder than anyone on the floor in most cases. These guys are auditioning for jobs. Expecting them to tank is insane. After the difficulties of this season, there is no better way for the Lakers to go out than on a winning note, or if not that, at least to demonstrate the potential that exists for next year. No more tanking!

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