Venus Williams Isn’t Getting Any Love From Us, Particularly Those Of You That Are Supposed To Do…
Ezinne Ukoha

I have to admit…I’ve been guilty of ignoring Venus at times, while being completely focused and enamored with Serena. This was mainly because Serena has been so consistent in terms of winning. When she made it to the quarterfinals, semis, or even finals of a tournament, you almost knew that she would knock it out the park and bring the title home But what Venus has done the past couple of years in terms of maintaining a competitive edge has been absolutely amazing, and she definitely deserves far more publicity than she’s been given…Beyonce…not so much. No offense to her or her fans, but there are far too many Black women that have done some real, hard uplifting work in this lifetime for me to suddenly put a crown on Beyonce. But that’s just me.

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