It is a great point, and that is why you still have to use the racist card, it is your only play…
Louis Weeks

What is it with you and cards, chief? If you’re a racist/white supremacist, simply accept it. Your words and actions show it. But I guess you’d rather play the white supremacist card and believe that you will just spout off white nationalist rhetoric without being called out on it?

Let you help you out here. Blacks and Hispanics pretty much voted the way they were expected. The key and noticeable thing is that the popular vote didn’t swing in your favor, and you fear what’s coming very soon. I’ve never personally had access to the Senate or the Federal House, so…I’m not quite sure what your, “nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah” rhetoric is trying to accomplish. Now…since you aren’t very informed and clearly are trying to imitate Hannity’s false-narrative Faux news style, let me help you with your falsehood. You clowns had it all not that long ago. George W. Bush was president, and you right-wingnuts controlled both the House and the Senate. It was one of the worst times economically and politically in modern American history, even in the eyes of many conservatives. Stupid, state’s right policies and wealthy tax cuts. The working class whites got absolutely nothing but the dubious honor of being sent to die in a phony war like morons. The people decided that it was clearly a bad idea and put that full Repubnut control out of commission. There’s a very good chance that that will happen again. Especially since there are white nationalists being placed on Trump’s staff. Most noticeable is there is no true policy. You Trump-sheep fell for lines such as “I’m going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” (as if somehow Mexico is going to roll over and let the white man give its orders?), or “I’m going to replace it with “something really good”. (What the hell??? How stupid do you need to be, or what “special” trailer park do you have to live in to even take that seriously?)

I’ve been to Alabama schools and Chicago schools Louie. In fact I’ve been to many different school districts throughout the nation. I doubt you have done the same. There’s no comparison. You see…Black schools expect to be underfunded, due to systemic racism that is promoted and perpetrated by people like yourself in the South. White Alabama schools, in an area where Republicans are promising to make them slaveholders, overseers, sheriffs, or whatever rednecks desire from the past, are falling apart, lack air conditioning, and they are actually asking the children to bring toilet paper, because the school board has run out of money due to the Republicans using the budget as a slush fund. It’s a true good ol’ boy network. See the difference? Minorities don’t expect the system to hold true to promises to make the schools better, since it usually doesn’t happen. Poor whites vote these clowns into office and then only later are shocked by how nothing has become better. Then they go home, watch Faux news, and blame their lot in life, on “the Blacks”, and “the Mexicans”.

Here’s where you look like a fool…For all the right-wingnut garbage that dribbles forth from you and your party, where have you shown any general interest, or an ability to make things better for minorities or the disenfranchised? Your party is endorsed by the klan, you have members that are so clearly racists that even fellow decent Republicans distance themselves from them. You truly are a racist party. You see, it’s very easy to point out statistics. I can write pages pointing out how Reagan’s dumbass policies did nothing to improve the plight of even poor white people, but I think, deep down, you already know that. Looking at your responses, I get a sense that even you realize that Trump is an inept moron. Yet, it was the best you had to select from once you felt that your white privilege was threatened.

I’m very proud of what Obama did in office. The fact that he got bin Laden after Bush failed. That the unemployment numbers dropped under him and the economy improved. (Yeah, I know, if you can do research you discover this. But you repeat the same false narrative that Hannity and O’Reilly does, even when the government statistics show otherwise…sad…but us intellectuals know the truth.). That he got a health care program put into effect that allowed 20 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, access to healthcare, the majority of them clueless white people, who are too stupid to know that without the Affordable Care Act, they wouldn’t be insured by any insurance company. Obama has an approval rating now that I can’t see Trump ever achieving during his four years. It’s been an honor having him as my President, and had my military service happened under him as my President, I would have been comfortable knowing that whatever decision he made for deployment would have been well thought out and not based on lies and deceit in order to achieve oil profits. I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the poor white Trump supporters when their healthcare is taken away and they’re sitting around trying to figure out what the hell happened. I’m guessing they’ll blame it on the Mexicans…

You don’t have to tell me you live out in the country. I can tell. Your rhetoric smacks of the type of individual that sits in his trailer most of the day and night, drinking Natural Light, watching Faux news and surfing the Brietbart site, while internet trolling to spout ignorant racist right-wingnut rhetoric. That is until it’s time for the Klan meeting to start. It’s clear you haven’t come out of your little white bubble much. You probably think you know what’s best for minorities also. Well…because…whiteness.

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